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Who's the scariest ? Michael Meyers, Jason , or Freddy ?

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    Freddy. he attacks you when your most vulnerable. In your dreams. The other two were just angry and driven by hate. Every body always could outrun Jason. When you got away from camp crystal lake he couldn't get you in the first movies until they moved him to new york and space. Micheal Meyers was usually after his sister. And he just wasn't scary but his mask was messed up.

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  • Erika
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    Michael Meyer continually. i imagine Freddy talks too a lot yet very exciting to observe and Jason, his older video clips i idea become boring because there is continually a probability to escape and the individuals by no skill extremely take it. that is in basic terms so predictable although the recent Jason become noticeably cool. So I continually stick with Michael you in basic terms do not comprehend what he will do next!

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    That would be Freddy, the burned and scared up face and body with that mean looking claw he has.He kills people in their sleep!When I was a little kid I saw Nightmare on Elm Street I tried everything so I wouldn't fall asleep, because I thought he will come in my dreams and hunt me down. I remember drinking 6 coca colas just to stay up. I think I didn't sleep for 2 days.Eventually I could not take it anymore and I had to sleep in the same room as my older brother. I thought for my own protection I will use a mini hockey stick by the side of my bed.

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  • csi83
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    Mike Meyers.

  • Anonymous
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    freddys the sickest jasons the meanest and mikes the scariest

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    freddy for sure. he's got intelligence and method to his murders while michael and jason pretty much just hack and slash. BOring. freddy is the worst!

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    MM and JV are brute force and rather methodical.

    Freddy is clever, devious, tricky, and speedy; and, worst of all, he delights in what he does! He's so skilled in his dreamworld that it's difficult for anyone to challenge him. He can be disarming because he knows how to go for a grossout or find a weakness.

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    Michael and Jason kill you in one knife plunge.

    Freddy messes with your head and slashes at you.

    So it's Fred. But if you ask me who my favorite is

    I'll say it's Michael. He's more realistic as far as a

    movie character goes.

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    I was always scared of Freddy when I was a kid.

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