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Why don't greco-roman wrestlers get really fat like sumo?

wouldn't a Sumo wrestler type guy be really good at Greco-roman wrestling. he would be Completely unmanageable by the other guy, and he'd DEFINITELY be strong enough to pull the other guy down.

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    Different style of wrestling, with different rules. Sumo wrestlers purposefully get large and work on a stance that keeps them low, with a low center of gravity. They do not have the speed and agility of other sorts of wrestlers, simply because of their size and mass. They are suited for their sport, but not necessarily so for other styles.

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    The reason is greco instituted a maximum weight limit of 130kg or 286lb in the 1980's or so, and then dropped it after 2000 olympics even further to 120kg or 264lbs.

    Before that there were quite a few sumo sized guys. Put Chris taylor or Jeff Blatnick versus Pete Lee into youtube-guys over 400lbs.

    As to who would win now. Sumos win at sumo usually since they only have to push the greco guy out once to win.

    In a greco match or free wrestling, greco heavyweights win because they don't care if they get pushed around for a bit.

    Their arms are generally stronger than a sumo's so once the sumo tires from pushing he will be pulled down, and never get up again.

    As to training Sumos do though cover a lot of the basic upper body grappling techniques in their training. Just that past a certain size they are not using many of them anymore.

    Which is why greco reduced the weight limits, because the matches were becoming long push matches, instead of lots of technqiues.

    I personally like the idea of no weight limits though. Makes things more interesting.

    Source(s): greco heavyweight and former international.
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    The way you win is different so the strategy and everything else while simular is different. In sumo you win by either disrupting your opponents balance and pushing or throwing him to the ground or forcing any part of his body out of the ring. I might also add that they are able to tug and pull on the uniform that sumo's wear to accomplish this. Thus mass/weight and a low center of gravity becomes very important and I believe the ring is smaller than what is used in Greco-roman wrestling. Also Orientals when they think of power think in terms of a triangle-the base being wider and stronger than the point.

    Westerners think of power as you have mentioned here-a guy with wide shoulders, big arms, narrow waist; in terms of an upside down triangle so-to-speak. In Greco-roman wrestling there are weight classes, you can not use the uniform, and holds are much more easily applied to throw your opponent to the ground. While you would think that a sumo wrestler type guy could be very competitive in this I would imagine the weight class would be a problem for them as well as not being able to use the uniform to execute throws or gain an advantage over their opponent.

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    Why are you so obsessed with sumo wrestlers lately? I think you have a point; the other guy wouldn't be able to get his arms around the sumo wrestler. I think the match would suck, but it would be interesting if the greco-roman wrestler was agile enough to pull some moves on the sumo guy.

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    Pankration is training for the battlefield, where wrestlers put on armour and used weapons, ran around and caused havoc. The greeks and romans used to run into combat to avoid arrow fire, and did lots of fast movement in the battle. Pankration was part of their close quarter training, pronating and taking them out while they were down. So it requires speed and fitness rather than just mass. So greco-roman wrestling originates as a tool rather than a closed arena sport.

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    hey the fast answer is the two. they are very good and exceedingly agile for their length. they have a strict coaching and ingesting regime. i think of it honest to assert that a lot of them are extra healthful *regardless of* their length. the quantity you ought to consume to gasoline a extensive physique in "ability events" is severe. I used to consume 6000 cal an afternoon on a 4 day a week well being center regime. Dean Lukan the Australian Gold medal triumphing weight lifter lost very almost a million/2 his bodyweight as quickly as he retired. the finest 10Kg / 22lbs I ever lost improve into while i finished the ability lifting *L* besides the shown fact that, there is not any getting remote from the reality with Sumo that they convey a severe point of physique fat and whilst they could be waiting to assist this whilst youthful the toll it takes on the physique leads to untimely joint issues and all around placed on and tare and early dying. as quickly as the mobility is long gone then any well being quickly follows. i'm uncertain what share shed extra pounds after retirement besides the shown fact that it could be exciting. Regards Dec

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    2 words: weight classes.

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