Positioning strategy of Wii

detail description about wii's positioning strategy

show me some statistics to support its success

give me some evaluations about it

give your ideas for improvement

It is only you marketing guru can help me,please!

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    as nobody answers, i'll try to reply you and hope it helps.....

    Wii Position Strategy

    "less is more"

    does not compete with PS3 & Xbox on chip speeds or cutting-edge graphics

    "gaming experience"

    unique motion-sensitive wand as the game wireless controller that redefines the videogame experience

    "low budget alternatives"

    when it was first released, it was 2/3 of the price tag of Xbox or PS3

    "family oriented friendly game console"

    attractive to women/ladies and elder consumers as well

    appeals to those non-gamers to try playing tv/video games


    Once a dark-horse contender, the Wii has outsold both its competitors in recent months (as of Apr 2007). According to sales data from the NPD Group, the Wii sold 335,000 units in February to the Xbox 360's 228,000 and the PS3's 127,000.

    Nintendo Wii: 7 Million Units Sold Worldwide - Fastest Seller Ever


    The success of Nintendo's groundbreaking Wii console is showing absolutely no signs of slowing down whatsoever. According to new statistics, 7 million Wii's have now been purchased, and when that figure is broken down, it equates to around 1.5 million units sold per month after increasing shipments, most stores across the world are still sold out.


    Will Nintendo's Wii Strategy Score?-

    Wii are the champions? | Technology | Reuters-

    Wii 7 millions sold as of May 2007 almost 1.5m sold per month

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