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    1.The not popular thing of ice cream, in fact the ice cream of the edition of all kinds pleases people's sense of taste for a long time, a person of Americans eats up 23 kilograms of ice creams in one year, add drupes, the shaved ice of wine and fruit flavor has already been invented 4,000 years before again.

    2.Mongolians invent and add the ice with the milk in later period of the 13th century, appearance and prescription of the ice cream are changing constantly later, no matter where it is, consumers face buying the classical peppermint or vanilla flavor irresolutely, or other strange the universe junket macaroni flavors.

    3.The season gathering in the rice will arrive soon, among them a part will change the nutrition lunch of the school, the local product that the others will become the rice food of community and can taste, students can assign to a vegetable garden and participate in

    Plant the vegetables, students all know the organic vegetables are better and starting to do the scarecrow in order to frighten the birds away,

    The course is struck and noted down with the video cassette recorder.

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