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the messianic jewish faith try to tell teach the true followers of jesus christ should be jews and to follow?

the old testament... they try to teach jesus never founded a church.. and his apostles were jews devoted..but why is that? when the Bible said jesus christ broke the old testament.. and made a new convenant with his sacrifice on the cross, why the messianic jews use a new testament in hebrew? when this was written in greek? why do they want to imitate the jewish people? the jewish people still keeping the Torah and dont recognize jesus as the messiah..I think a real jew doesnt believe in jesus as the messiah


soo what's the point about the messianic judaism?

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    Because it isn't a "messianic jewish faith" at all. It was begun by fundamentalist right-wing Baptists as a deceptive means to trap and convert Jews who were uneducated about the Jewish prophecies and conditions concerning the real Messiah.

    They've spent millions and millions and millions of dollars on this campaign specifically targeting Jews. They got rid of all Christian symbolism in their churches so it wouldnt scare Jews away, they started dressing in Jewish drag, prayer shawls, yarmulkes, etc. and dressing up their churches to look like synagogues, they changed the name Jesus to "yeshua ha moshiach", and run around telling Jews that they can still be Jews and believe in "yeshua".

    For the first few decades of this fake Jewish movement there were very, very few Jews in it. Those who were Jews in it were not allowed to sit on any of the boards of directors or management positions.

    For about the past ten years or so these "messianic" Christians have been extremely aggressive, going on to college campuses to find young uneducated (in Judaism) Jews, and even going into Jewish old folks homes where the elderlys were being deceived into accepting their "love bombs", many times not even able to understand these fake Jews or what they were saying.

    In response, Judaism, particularly the Lubavitchers have organised a huge outreach program all over the world, to try to bring Jews back and educate them so they do not fall into the idolatry of Christianity. It's been very successful.

    These "messianic Jewish" fundamentalist Baptist groups are a sham. Kind of like slimy used car salesmen, only it's more serious than that because they are in the business of stealing Jewish souls.

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    You ask a very complicated question so I will dissect it.

    First of all, most Messianics follow both the old and new testaments. Thus we are consistent will the apostles Paul's statement to Timothy that ALL Scripture is God- breathed and useful for reproof and forming doctrine. Second Jesus never once "broke the old testament" He totally affirmed the old testament when he said "think not that I have come to destroy the Law. I come to confirm it. ... Not one jot or tittle will pas away until all is accomplished. If he had broken One law, he would be a sinner and his death would mean nothing.

    Third, we do not use a Hebrew new testament, we use English new testament translations (at least those of us in America do) We do however prefer Hebraic pronunciations of his name such as Yeshua, simply because they are more accurate.

    As to imitating Jewish people, What was Jesus? What were the Disciples? Jewish people!

    Who does the Bible give us to emulate? Jesus and the Disciples!

    Anyway, we are not trying to copy anyone. We are merely fulfilling our role in God's family as grafted in and adopted members of Israel. (see Romans 11 for the tree analogy)

    Bottom line: Yeshua (Jesus) was a Torah observant Jew until the day he died. He will be coming back as a Jew to establish the Messianic Kingdom. Firat John states that if we claim to be in him we should walk as he walked. He walked according to Torah. Draw your own conclusions.


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    nicely, on your particular question the respond is not any, and continually no, and that i do no longer care who declare in any different case they are able to instruct it, ok. Your question has no benefit for the reason which you first ought to rove that Jesus ever lived and that has in no way been shown. human beings ask; What did Jesus advise blah blah, etc; the place did you're making his church blah blah, etc. Ask, improve into Jesus actual? Now that is a query. Jews did no longer settle for Jesus as a actual person and that they knew who improve into writing that NT tale, and knew that Jesus improve right into a fictional character in a fictional tale. It improve into written by employing the Romans, initially to attempt to transform the Jews to perception in Jesus and to wreck Judaism; they failed on the two counts, yet additionally killed tens of millions of Jews interior the call of that fictional character Jesus. there have been no Christians in the previous the year of roughly seventy 5 CE or extremely later. recover from the dream, Jesus isn't actual in any respect.

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    Have you actually read the writings of the apostles?

    Yeshua (there is no "j" in Hebrew) said in the book of Matthew that "not one jot or tittle will pass from the Torah" for "as long as heaven and earth still last." They're still here. That same passage says "anyone who teaches someone to disobey the least of these commandments is least in the kingdom, but one who does them and teaches them is greatest in the kingdom."

    Are you calling the messiah a liar?

    If Yeshua is really God incarnate, then it is Yeshua who said in Isaiah that in order for a stranger to become part of Israel, they have to observe the 7th day sabbath and obey all the commandments of the law. If Yeshua really is God incarnate, then it is he who came down on Mt. Sinai and GAVE the law - and said "it is your life" and said it is "eternal" and "for all your generations" in "every place that you live." If Yeshua is God incarnate, then it is he who said to Moses that "there is one law for the native born and for the foreigner" who wishes to attach himself to God. One Torah.

    A house divided against itself cannot stand.

    Yeshua said, "Not all those who say to me Lord, Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven - only those who do the will of my Father in heaven." God's will is spelled out in detail in the Torah - the one law that Yeshua said is for everyone.

    Yeshua also said, "They will say to me in that day Didn't we feed people and clothe people and heal people and preach the gospel in your name?" And Yeshua says that he will reply" Away from me, all you who practice Torahlessness." (Matthew)

    The greek work "anomia" means "without Torah" in Hebrew, Yeshua's native language. If Yeshua is God incarnate, he came down on Mt. Sinai and gave Moshe the commandments in Hebrew. Hebrew is God's holy language - not greek. Hebrew is what God/Yeshua spoke to the world both on Sinai and in Jerusalem.

    And you clearly don't understand what the "new covenant" is. The prophet Jeremiah tells us what the new covenant is: It is the Torah written on your heart and in your mind so that you can do it. (Jeremiah chp 31) Even Paul quotes this verse to his students!

    The "new testament" was not written in Greek. Even the early church fathers, such as Jerome, say in their writings that the authentic letters of Paul were written in Hebrew. This is a fact.

    But Yeshua's message is clear:

    Grace is not license for sin (Romans 6)

    Sin is the transgression of the Torah (I John 3)

    Ergo, Grace is not license for transgressing the Torah.

    What do you think repentance is, exactly?

    If you repent from sin - that is, according to the beloved apostle John, repent from transgressing the Torah - what is it you're supposed to be doing?

    You're supposed to be turning away from transgressing the Law.

    If you have the new covenant, what is it that you have? The Torah written in your heart and mind.

    If you don't have it, then you don't have the new covenant.

    And if you continue to sin, there is no more sacrifice for you - only fiery judgement (Hebrews 10:27). So if you continue to transgress Torah, you are not saved from judgement - you are condemned to judgement. Sin is the transgression of the Torah.

    So why do you think you can continue to live in sin?

    That's what you're doing - living in sin.

    Repent, and be saved.

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