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I am a Sophmore in High School. I am doing well in my classes. I am not a 4.0, but I still have 2 years and 3 more quaters this year to reach that goal. What do i have to do to get into West Point? I know i have to improve my athletic skills (learn how to do push-ups, pull-ups, run a mile in 6 minutes). But what else do I need. My Great Ucle can probably get me a representitive by the time I apply. But I really want to know what clubs to join and so on.... I honestly had no plans on going to this school (no future goals at all for that matter), but my uncle and cousin talked really want me to do this, they told me that if i do they will die happy. They also told me that I should do whatever it takes to bring me to the top, and that power is the best feeling in the world. Then my father told me that after i spend my time in the military after West Point I will be able to have whatever job I want. So I would really like to know how I can make make it into this college. Thank you!

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    First, why would you want to go to the Point over Annapolis? But I digress.

    The military academies are tough. This has to be YOUR dream, not anyone else's, in order for you to make it through. You realize that when you go to West Point you're essentially joining the army. It's not like you're going to Duke or something. Would you join the army for someone else's dream?

    Also, if you really don't want to be there, please don't take someone else's slot - someone who has slept and ate West Point and would be crushed if they didn't get in. There are only a very limited number of available places. It's kind of like the Olympics. You get onto the track team in the 4 slots. You make it to Japan. You look around and decide, eh, this isn't for me. Well, no one else is coming in your place.

    Oh and going to the Point won't guarantee you a job anywhere. You still have to work for your grades. You still have to make it through 5 years of service without getting killed.

    So by all means, if you want to join the army and do the Point, fine. But don't do it half-assed. That's not how the military plays. The Point, like Annapolis, is the best of the best. If you're there, it's because you have worked your tail off to be there. There are lots of other schools for bright kids that are just as respectable academically.

    Source(s): Annapolis grad, navy retired.
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    You want to attend West Point because:

    A) No other goals in life.

    B) Your Uncle knows somebody that can get you in.

    C) Someone else wants you to attend.

    D) "Power is the best thing in the world".

    E) You can get a better job after the military.

    That about right? It's all about what you can take from the military not what you have to offer.

    Sounds like the military, for you, is some place to waste some time before cashing in on the really big bucks (you think of it as a meal ticket); that you're on a power trip of some kind (can't wait to boss someone around, huh? Maybe even order them to their death. That'll be thrilling for you); that you have no idea what being an Officer is about; and that you are lacking direction.

    Sorry wouldn't want you as an officer in my unit. Fortunately, you can have all the degrees in the world and be in superb shape physically and still be deemed unfit to lead other soldiers. You'd be the type to abuse power, not use it the way a professional military person does.

    You've got some growing up to do and some attitude to change before being allowed anywhere near West Point.

    Source(s): Retired USAF MSgt
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    Why West Point or Annapolis? Both are fine Academies, but you can do better.

    I agree with my fellow sailor. You must want to go, and be committed to tough it out and complete your obligation. I had a roommate who was pushed into joining by his Air Force Acad grad dad. March of senior year, my roommate finally faced his father and resigned. There are thousands of elite students who are trying their best to get an appointment. Don't do this on a whim. Visit West Point's web site. Email the admissions office to see if there is alumni in your area that can meet with you. Go to your library and read the many books written about any of the military academies. And, decide what area you want to work in after graduation. Academies are not just neat places to have fun, but they exist to train you for a needed role in our nation's defense. You need to decide where you will fit into the Army's mission. You have little over an year to make a decision that will affect your entire life and maybe the lives of others. Time to grow up.

    Source(s): USCGA class of 84
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    My brother is going to West factor, type of 2014. i have discovered plenty about it. West factor earnings's your occupation more desirable and can furnish a significantly better threat at getting the dept you want because they're u . s . militia Academy. it truly is purely a million,2 hundred i imagine out of the 30,000+ those who observe that get in. They structure you to change into more desirable of a pacesetter than ROTC does. because the probabilities are extreme so narrow to get into West factor, i could observe to both ROTC and West think about order that if West factor fails you are able to continuously bypass back on ROTC. I actual ought to furnish you with a caution that acquiring into West factor is a confusing and extremely aggressive procedure. i don't understand a lot about the Rangers, even with the very undeniable reality that my cousin is on. sturdy success! bypass military BEAT army!

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    Since they want it so bad let them send you to one of the military prep schools in Washington. If you can get in.

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