when i scanned my laptop today, on the bottom where it says "Running Bot Check" i saw files such as "Hacker", "something.fakeAlert", and others that i know i haven't downloaded or made. how do i get them removed from my computer? thank you!

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  • rowlfe
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    1 decade ago
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    Not to worry. Spybot (and many others as well) use a two prong search pattern, a dictionary search which is relatively fast, and an algorithm search (looking for what a program DOES rather than a signature) which compared to the dictionary search is quite slow. The names you see are the files of known objects from the dictionary as Spybot is looking for them one by one. All you are seeing is a status line of the current item from the dictionary which is being checked, not what is being found. I, too, wondered about this when I went from Adaware to Spybot. I also found that Spybot found several things Adaware missed! I think, as a system analyst/programmer, that having the moving, changing status is a nice thing to provide for the user interface as it gives a level of comfort that something is happening and the program has not "stalled" or "crashed" or "frozen".In every program I have ever written or written the specs for, I always insisted on a moving, changing status which also indicated a percentage indicator (something like #1 of 100, #2 of 100 or 3%, 4% or more likely, a outright guess) of the progress. Spybot has done what I would do, or specs I would write that the program should do.

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  • 1 decade ago

    These people are right. Spybot goes through certain scan stages. If you watch the bottom names you'll see Spybot is searching alphabetically.

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  • 1 decade ago

    yeah it's just telling you what it is scanning for, don't worry

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