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does anybody know how to fix error 14 when you try to open launchcast radio?

all i get when i try to open launchcast radio or play a cd or system sounds is error 14

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Do each of these. After each one, see if the problem has gone away.

    1- Delete Temporary Internet Files.

    2- Restart your system.

    3- Delete cookies (either all of them or just the ones having to do with Launchcast & Yahoo Music).

    4- In Windows Media Player, go to Tools/Options. On the Player tab, under Player settings, check the "Connect to the Internet (overrides other commands)" check box. This forces WMP to always assume an Internet connection is present. (The error message might indicate a network error.)

    5- Check to make sure your firewall is not blocking communications to/from Launchcast. Also, check your anti-virus. I heard from one user who had to change a setting in Kaspersky Anti-Virus before her station would play.

    6- I have heard that turning off your PC might clear problems like this. Do a full shut down. If this is a laptop, power up again and see if the problem went away. If this is a desktop, turn the power off IN THE BACK OF THE PC or unplug it. This is not the same as pressing the power off switch on the front of the PC. Wait 10-20 seconds, plug it in again or turn the back power switch on and see if the problem went away.

    7- Some users have reported that a reinstall of both WMP and Yahoo Messenger solved similar problems. Try WMP first, as this seems to have a higher success rate. The link for WMP at Microsoft is .

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  • 4 years ago

    I choose i ought to help. it form of feels that we've completed the right comparable ingredient and that i'm nonetheless having the blunders 14 on my launchcast. I could desire to re-launch 20 to 30 circumstances an afternoon. have you ever had any "genuine" solutions on your subject yet? making use of me loopy.

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