Motorcyclists, what is your favorite type of road to travel on. Interstate or back road two lane highway.?

My favorite road is the good ole two lane highway, I feel it is most relaxing, even the accident rates for motorcycle is higher on these roads. It used to be gravel roads, but went through to many rear belts. Please name your roads, just in case I go to your neck of the woods, I'll visit them.
Update: Please to me why you prefer these roads and please tell me the kind of bike you ride, (no slamming each others ride prefrence).
Update 2: b-overit- I would love to tide in Australia, but it isn't really all that easy to get there on motorcycle, lots of water if you know what I mean.
Update 3: € h ë m ‡€ ã L- Where are these roads located?
Update 4: Jim, A small group I ride with rode the "Dragon's tale" and they loved it.
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