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How many Kurds has Turkey killed , and how many more before it's yet another genocide?

Hello America! anybody home? war breeds more war


If the US. can invade Iraq, surely anyone can?

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    More than 37,000 people have been killed in the Turkish-PKK conflict since 1984.

    The article below, from a 1994 Turkish offensive against the Kurds says ...

    "The earth is scorched and the jails are full following Turkey's massive spring offensive against Kurdish guerrillas in southeastern Turkey and northern Iraq.

    "The offensive involved 300,000 troops and militiamen. According to Amnesty International U.S.A., 600 Kurdish villages have now been evacuated, with four settlements bombed on a single March day."

    "Other human rights groups detail unpunished killings of journalists, the criminalizing of parliamentary speech and the jailing of Turkish Kurds for espousing "separatist propaganda."

    I don't have a grand total, but this first source is a startling glimpse of the scale of this action in 1994!

    The second web link, below, tries to list years and years of Kurdish bloodshed (1994 was a extra bad year), so you can attempt an over-all total.

    Source(s): This was (just) a 1994 summary... http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.html?res=9A0... If you have time to add it up, this link has a LONG list... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Casualties_of_the_Tur...
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    The number killed doesn't determine whether it's genocide or not.

    In an ethnic civil war, the opponents usually belong to a different ethnic group (or at least a different religion since these tend to be categorized as ethnic civil wars, as well). That doesn't make the civil war genocide - or else you'd have to say both sides are committing genocide; the winning side just commits it better.

    Ethnic civil wars often result in war crimes and crimes against humanity. The difference in ethnicity tends to raise the level of hatred among the opposing groups. That's still not the same as genocide.

    Genocide is when a government makes an organized attempt to completely eliminate an ethnic group within its own borders for no other reason than their race, religion, etc.

    It can be a pretty subtle distinction between an ethnic civil war and genocide, but I don't think the Turkish-Kurdish civil war would qualify as a genocide. The Turks may deny civil rights to Kurds within their border, but they're not trying to eliminate the Kurdish race.

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    And how many Palestinian Arabs did the Zionists kill in 1948 onwards? That was a genocide no one will admit to or even talk about. The Turks of course, just got their panties tied into knots with the House vote calling the massacre of the Armenians in 1915 a genocide. Now if they start doing the same thing to Kurds they will need a wake up call.

    Here is the way it works: if you kill me it is genocide. If I kill you it is self defense.

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    It's only "genocide" when convenient for the left. Turkey allows us to have bases near Iraq, so if it is considered genocide we will be expected to give up those bases when Pelosi and Reid start whining.

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    How many Mesopatamians did the Jewish kill when they "discovered" the Promised Land? Why isn't that a genocide?

    How many Jewish and Muslims did the Catholic Church kill during the Crusades? Why isn't that a genocide?

    How many Pagans did the Catholic Church kill during the Burning Times? Why isn't that a genocide?

    If the US Congress is going to waste it's time insulting our allies by declaring the actions of it's previous (and now defunct) government as a genocide, then they should also reclassify those incidents as genocide also.

    It's only fair.

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    About 35,000 total from both sides since 1984. Not really a genocide..

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    Looks like these animals can't be tamed.

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