Keeping a black car clean and swirl free?

What is the best and fastest way to keep a black car clean. i do not have the time or patience to wash it myself, and am afraid to take it to my old cloth car wash. The touchless car wash doesnt do a very good job. Any tips?

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  • paul h
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    1 decade ago
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    Have a detail shop polish and wax it whenever water does not bead up on the paint to keep it as clean as possible. They can polish it with products that leave a minimum of swirl marks. A well waxed car stays clean longer between washes. No-touch car washes or a good pressure washer are the only way to keep your car from getting fine scratches that other car washes leave. If you take it to a handwash, make sure they hose down the car well before washing to float off any loose dirt. And use a good wash mitt that traps dirt...rinse the mitt often and use a couple wash for soapy washing water only and one for rinsing dirty water into. Rinse off the car as you go.

    Source(s): Had a 75 Monte Carlo--triple black with a 400 small block.
  • 4 years ago

    a jetwash is amillion circumstances extra ideal than a drivethrough. commence by potential of cleansing below the arches and sills then moist the vehicle from the terrific suited down use a delicate sponge to coach shampoo in basic terms once you're particular the outdoors dirt hads been bumped off!!! practice shampoo from the terrific suited down so which you're actually not dragging dirt up the panels rinse with clean water. utilising a squeegee (or windscreen wiper) eliminate the outdoors water and then dry the rest with a chamois leather-based. practice polish to a clean rag and practice in sections beginning on the roof to be certain which you overlap the perimeters buff the polish off previously shifting directly to a clean area utilising a clean lint loose cloth, in case you notice multiple minor scratches or dulling interior the paintwork you'll be able to desire to upload a drop of T-decrease to the polish a pair of million area T-decrease to 5 polish. do not practice t decrease to a mettallic end!! do not use physique polish on the abode windows the two or you will not see something yet rainbows next time it rains!!! terrific climate is truly overcast and not too heat. If its too heat then do it in sections and don't go away T-decrease on bodywork or you will destroy the lacquer. Internally do not ignore to hoover the heater vents(use a small paint brush to get interior the crevacces) pull the seats each and all the some time past to vac then each and each of ways forward returned. Use the paintbrush trick in ashtrays and any powerful storage factors ( brush them out keeping the vac next to the comb) practice any detailing you desire to the dashboard and use a tumbler cleanes interior and out and on the wing mirrors. final pastime is to wax it utilising a sturdy physique wax practice same as a results of fact the polish utilising around motions slightly at a time determine you get everwhere with the wax then next time that's in basic terms a case of a rapid wash and dry. under no circumstances permit water dry on the vehicle it leaves water marks which could be complicated to eliminate... Congratulations in case you have effectively achieved a number of those ranges then you definately basically saved your self 80 of your english quid on a proffesional valet

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    Same here! All I can tell you is that just go to the car wash a do it yourself. If you really cared about the car or yourself, you would take my advice. I know you do not want to ride around town with a dirty car!

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    1 decade ago

    Good luck!! I owned a black car once and nothing looks better when clean. Unfortunately black cars show the smallest amount of dirt! I will never own another!

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