Need help with Legend of Zelda:Wind waker?

I have the legend of zelda:wind waker,on gamecube,and I can't seem to defeat the boss Gohah in Dragon Roost Cavern.And if you're going to give me a link,at least add a bit of how to beat this huge fiery scorpion.

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    When the battle starts, use the Grappling Hook and grab on to the red tail that is hanging from the ceiling and swing across the Boss. It will cause a large boulder to drop on his head and stun him. Then, attack his eye with your sword to defeat him.

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    Use the grappling hook to hook onto the dragon's tail. This will cause the top of the cavern to fall on the scorpion. After you do this a couple of times aim for the scorpion's face to drag him close to you. Then slash him.

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    1 decade ago

    well if you look up at the celing you will see valoos tail swinging around

    just get your grapple hook and throw it at his tail then when you swing to the other end let go and half the roof will fall on gohma

    keep doing this until his shell thing falls of and when it does run away and throw the grapple hook at his head and grab him towards you then once he is near you slash his eye

    do this a couple of times and he will be defeated

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    Well its easy actually:

    Using your grappling hook, hook on to the dragon tail which you will find above the Scorpion's head.

    This will make a rock fall on to him and his head will fall on the floor,

    When this happens hit his eye with your sword

    Repeat this three times

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  • karina
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    AH DUDE!! OMG I LUV THAT GAME!!! AND THATS SO EASY!!! JEEZ!!ur not a true zelda fan.. -.- i finished most zelda games without any help LOL dont worry ull figure it out JUST TRY THINKING! AND MAYBE ACTUALLY PLAYING THAT GAME INSTEAD OF POSTING UP QUESTION!! lol

    good day ^^

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