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Who is a better guitarist, Jerry Garcia or Keith Richards???

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    Keith Richards is certainly an excellent and popluar guitarist.

    However, Jerry Garcia had WAY more talent.

    He totally studied the instrument.

    Not only was he brilliant on the guitar, but also on the banjo, mandolin, and sitar.

    Jerry is probably one of the most underrated guiatarists of all time. Listen to what Bob Dylan and Carlos Santana say about him. They say he is the most talented guitarist of modern time.

    Everybody respects Jerry, not because he is the guitarist for a popular band, but because of his incredible abilities.

    If you are in doubt copy this address and listen to a great show with Jerry on guitar. It includes a 48 minute version of Darkstar in their third set.

    Besides, Jerry has a really cool voice.

    It's a shame that he is not with us anymore. He's floating down the Ganges River.

    He's gone but will never be forgotten thanks to his unselfish decision to allow free taping of his concerts.

    I'm happy to have his music and one of his jackets.

    His music has been there for me in my lowest lows and my highest highs.

    So, here's to a rock icon. Thanks Jerry. May the four winds blow you safely home again.

    Have a Grateful day.

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    Keith would get most critics' nod simply because he has written so many recognisable and memorable hooks on the guitar (mainly lifted from Chuck Berry, but then again, who hasn't : )

    He's not known as the "Human Riff' for nothing.

    But Keith never really solos (because he's a rhythm player, to state the hugely obvious.) If pure technical proficiency is the benchmark (and it isn't always what makes a guitarist great) then some of Jerry's extended, simple-yet-melodic jamming has pretty good playing in it (those back-to-back live versions of "Help On The Way - Slipknot - Franklin's Tower", etc.)

    Against that, the ability of Keith to anchor the Stones, and his use of Open G tuning to give them that unique sound.

    So it's very hard to say - would you trade the riff from "Satisfaction" for 25 minutes of intricate and sometimes inspired pentatonic noodling?

    Takes yer pick...(no pun intended : )

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    Keith Richards is the better guitarist. Jerry Garcia WAS a great guitarist.

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    Jerry Garcia!

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    Jerry! What s sad is that Keith has to put down any other artist. His insecurities must be really hard for him.

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    Keith, but I like Jimmy Page more than both of them. Of course James Marshall was and is the best of all. You didn't really ask for all that did you?

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  • keith. jerry has been dead for YEARS now.

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