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What is Dasara?

what is it and what religion celebrates it?


Don't say " Your Miss Know it All, you should know. It's just a question. I'm only 11!

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    hey its Dusshera/Dassera Festival

    celeberated by HINDUS (one of the oldest religions of the world)

    Dussehra, also called Vijayadashmi, is one of the fascinating festivals of India and is celebrated with joy and enthusiasm for ten continuous days.

    The first nine nights are spent in the worship of goddess Durga and hence these nights are known as "Navaratri". This festival falls in the month of Ashwin (September / October).

    The tenth day of the Dassera day is in honour of Durga Devi.

    It also commemorates the death of the evil king Ravana along with his son Meghanath and brother Kumbhakaran, at the hands of Rama.

    The farmers invoke her blessings because this festival coincides with the period of rest and leisure after their strenuous work in the fields. The farmers with her blessings wait with tremendous hopes for a bountiful harvest.

    Legend of Dusshera Festival

    According to the Ramayana, Rama was the exiled prince of Ayodhya. While living in the forest, his wife Sita was abducted by Ravana, the demon king of Lanka. Rama, assisted by an army of monkeys, attacked Lanka to rescue her.

    A fierce battle ensued between the two armies for many days as it was proving very difficult to beat the mighty Ravana. Rama then prayed for nine days to nine different aspects of Durga and accumulated enough strength to defeat Ravana.Durga divulged the secret to Ram how he could kill Ravana.

    Then after vanquishing him, Ram with Sita and Laxman returned victorious to his kingdom of Ayodhya on Dassera day. Therefore, the festival of Durgotsava and Dassera is celebrated more in honour of Prabhu Ramchandra than Durgadevi .

    Ramalila, a dance-drama narrating the story of Rama's life according to the Ramayana, is enacted for the nine days preceding Dussehra. Almost every area stages its own version of the play, preparations for which take place many days in advance.

    happy dushera!!!! may ur life be enlightened by success and happiness!!! enjoy!!!

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    Ravana had ten heads and Rama defeated him. So it is called Dus - ten, Hara - to defeat. It was on the 10th day that Ravana died. On the 8th day, called Mahashtami (Maha - big, ashtami - eighth) Rama was in a dilemma how to defeat Ravana, so he offered a 103 lotus' to Durga for her blessings.

    Now the tenth day is called Vijaydashami (Vijay - victory, dashami - tenth day).

    Now the other story about Dasara or Dusshera should be told by Bengalis (people of West Bengal and Bangladeshi Hindus). In ancient times there was an asura(demon) who could take the form of a buffalo. He was called Mahishasura (Mahisha - buffalo, asura - demon). He had obtained from Brahma(the creator of the Trinity) that no man or being of all the three worlds(heaven, earth and hell) could kill him. So he was harrassing all. The Gods went to Shiva(the destroyer of the Trinity) for help. So all the Gods combined their powers and created a Devi(Goddess) out of Parvati(Shiva's wife). She had ten hands, and all the Gods gave her his weapon for each hand. Shiva gave her his third eye. She rode on a lion. She went after Mahishasura. For ten days they fought. Now during the Hindu month of Ashwin(around Sep, Oct), the first New Moon is considered Mahalaya Amavasya (this year the 10th Oct). Amavasya means new moon. From this day for ten days, they fought. Finally, on the tenth day Durga with Vishnu's(the preserver of the Trinity) disc cut off the buffalo's head. And when the demon emerged she pierced his heart with Shiva's trident and killed him. So the tenth day(20th Oct this year) is Vijaydashami. On this day the idol of Durga along with smaller idols of Ganesha(elephant god), Kartik(Parvati's son), Laxmi(Goddess of wealth), Saraswati(Goddess of learning) are immersed in lakes and rivers. This is the Durga Puja or worship of Bengalis. Every year Durga is said to have different mounts when she goes back to her husbands house on the tenth day. Helena Christiansen's favourite Goddess was Durga.

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