ôô Regarding a HIGH SCHOOL REUNION, can you write a little story that includes 6 of these lyrics from 1967?

Tonight's the BIG NIGHT.....My 40th High School Reunion. If it is as wonderful as last night's reception, I may just stay there forever.

1. You must be the mermaid who took neptune for a ride.

2. Here we go down that same road again

3. I don't know why you say goodbye, I say hello

4. But these tears I can't hold inside

5. Pardon the way that I stare.

6. No longer can I walk these paths for they have changed

7. That would only break my heart

8.The beating of our hearts is the only sound

9. There's nobody else and I'm feeling good just holding you tight.

10. I remember sunshine and you were mine



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    Ok, I wasn’t sure if you wanted one just of your reunion but I had more fun writing about a different one. :) The older ones are more fun. Oh, by the way this is NOT a true story.lol I’m not that old. Hope you enjoyed your reunion. :)

    Tonight was the big high school reunion, number 55. I looked forward to seeing all my old, yes very old, friends of yesteryear, but had also dreaded the thought of so many years having passed since we had graduated. My husband didn’t seem to like reunions as I did. He complained the whole way to the old school building.

    “Here we go down the same road again” He said as we came closer to our destination. “I never did understand these things. I spend all my school years counting the hours until I get out and then when I do you make me go back for some stupid reunion.”

    “They are not stupid.” I told him “And you better not act like you did last time, I was so embarrassed I almost didn’t come back this year.”

    “That was the whole point” he said “I didn’t want you to come back because I knew you’d drag me along with you. But I’ve made up my mind this year, I’m going to make my appearance and then say goodbye. I’m not going to stay in there and listen to Randy Simmons talk all night like he usually does.”

    “You are such a stick in the mud! I don’t know why you say goodbye, I say hello. You're not getting away with it this year, you are going to stay for the whole thing; even if it means listening to Randy Simmons ramble all night.”

    With this he pouted as we pulled into the parking lot of the school. He stopped the car and just sat there in silence.

    “Well, are you getting out?” I asked him

    He looked at the pathway to the door and said “No longer can I walk these paths for they have changed.”

    “I have news for you honey,” I told him “The paths haven’t changed, just your ability to walk on them.”

    “You don’t have to be nasty about it! I’m coming!”

    Now my husband is a rather large fellow, and he tends to have some mobility issues at his age. Needless to say, getting him out of the car is no easy task and that night it seemed to be particularly hard. I got out of the car, went over to his side and tried to help him out. Grabbing his hands I pulled and pulled, finally he gave way causing both of us to fall on the pavement. For all of you young folks out there, you must realize that when you get to our age it is almost impossible to get up when you’re laying flat on you back. I was the most mobile of the two however he had landed on top of me.

    “My back! My back!” I cried in agony. “Get off of me!”

    “I’m trying, but I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” he said “Don’t start crying.”

    “I’m trying not to but these tears I can’t hold inside. I’m in too much pain! I think I heard my bones pop when I hit the ground.”

    “The beating of our hearts is the only sound I hear.” He replied.

    Just about then the caterer’s truck arrived and two of the workers came over to see what the commotion was about.

    “Pardon the way that I stare.” One of them said “But aren’t you two a little old for this kinda stuff?”

    Anyway the other one was smart enough to know we had fallen and couldn’t get up, so they helped us up and I ended up getting back surgery after that. What a fun reunion…

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    I said, "Pardon the way that I stare. But if you turned me away That would only break my heart."

    "No longer can I walk these paths for they have changed," she said. "The beating of our hearts is the only sound and makes me fall on the ground."

    " But these tears I can't hold inside, I said, " There's nobody else and I'm feeling good just holding you tight."

    She said, "I remember sunshine and you were mine, but too bad"

    I said, "You must be the mermaid who took neptune for a ride."

    She said, "Don't be cute"

    I said, "I don't know why you say goodbye, I say hello"

    She said, "Here we go down that same road again, but I'm afraid this is au revoir"

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    Old Friends

    "Miss Susan?" called a voice from across the rocky way. "You must be the mermaid who took Neptune for a ride."

    "Yes, Johnny. I remember sunshine and you were mine. I miss those days, but no longer can I walk these paths for they have changed."

    "Pardon the way that I stare, Susan. You're even more beautiful than I remembered. Please, let me hold you one last time."

    Susan swam up to the rocks where Johnny sat, reaching to embrace his first love. "There's nobody else and I'm feeling good just holding you tight," whispered Johnny.

    Softly Susan replied, "Johnny, the beating of our hearts is the only sound."

    Isn't it a great feeling to see, hear, and embrace the warmth and love of old friends? Enjoy your reunion. Smiles!

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