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How do I figure out time zone?

I have a test on Tuesday, I asked my techer repeatedly to help me but whenever I ask I can't understand him. Anyone want to explain to me how to find time zones? Thanks.


Thanks for the answer, but a map won't help. I already have a map my teacher has given me, but I really don't know how to find time zones. whats with the plus and minus numbers?

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    i am assuming you have an idea of where the 7 continents are located on a map and that you have an idea of where countries are (ie: you know that europe is north of the equator and that its next to africa and asia and that you know Brazil is in south america next to the atlantic ocean and not over in southern africa)

    every 15 degrees its a different time zone. if you start at the grenwich meridian, when you go 15 degrees west it gets an hour earlier. 15 degrees east it gets an hour later. if you keep going west (towards the united states) you will eventually hit the international dateline out in the middle of the pacific ocean. when you cross that line it becomes a day later (remember you're still going west). remember the hour still continues to get earlier even after you cross it. so on the east side of the dateline (towards the united states) it might be monday november 4th at 1am then when you go over it to the west side (towards asia) it becomes tuesday november 5th at 12am

    heres a couple extra notes for ya: the grenwich meridian is the exact same line as the prime meridian. its called the grenwich meridian only when you're refering to time. the grenwich meridian (aka prime meridian) is by the united kingdom and goes through far western africa. go west of the grenwich meridian u go across the atlantic to the U.S.. go east and you'll find asia.

    one more thing...i said every 15 degrees its a different time zone. if you take 15(degrees) multiplied by 24 (hours) you get 360...which would take you all the way around the world!

    one last thing then i promise i'll quit! the plus and minus numbers are probably refering to the hours. go west of the grenwich meridian (towards the U.S.) you add an hour...go east and you subtract an hour. you might also see a plus and minus on each side of the international dateline refering to adding or subtracting a day depending on which direction you're traveling when you cross it.

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    Figuring Out Time Zones

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    Part 1: Time zones are basically a way of dividing the planet into 24 parts running from the north to the south pole (sort of like the lines of longitude) with each part representing an hour of the day. If you are in the Eastern US time zone and the time is 6:00 in the evening and you want to figure the time in california you just count the time zones (do not count the time zone where you are starting) from your time zone to the california time zone (which is the Pacific time zone). On the map the number of time zones to California is three (Central, Mountain and then Pacific). Remember you don't count the time zone you are starting in. Because the number is three you simply subtract 3 hours form the time where your are (6:00) and you get the answer of 3:00.

    Part 2: Whenever the time zone you are trying to calculate is to the west you subtract an hour for each time zone. Also, whenever you are going East, you add one hour for each time zone.

    Hope this helps.

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    Time zones are easy, as long as you know what the International Dateline is, what and where the Prime Meridian is, and that every 15 degrees is a new time zone. For instance, pretend there is a question on your test that says: If it is 7 pm in New York, what time is it in Los Angeles? Well, New York is in the Eastern US time zone, and Los Angeles is in the Pacific US time zone. Los Angeles is west of New York, so you would go back one hour, and there are 4 time zones, so you would count back 4 hours, and so, if it is 7 pm in New York, it is 4 pm in Los Angeles.

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