Can stucco be placed directly on Hardibacker board ?

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Building a barbecue island and using Hardibacker board. I know this will take Thin Set but am not sure if Stucco can adhere directly to it. No one will give me a direct answer. more
Update : I plan to scratch, brown and texture coat. Also the Hardibacker board is more
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do a thin skim coat of thinset, and while it's still fresh apply stucco, it will bond. it will bond as is to the hardibacker, but because of hardibacker construction it will wick out the moisture too fast on the stucco, the skim coats give the stucco a better bond, and by stucco are you referring to the scratch, brown and then color coat, or just the color coat ( texture coat )
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  • DIY Doc answered 7 years ago
    Have you determined whether or not the FINISH will endure any levels of heat from the BBQ; above normal FULL SUN?

    Certainly concrete backer board is texured enough; though I'm not sure why you suggest thin set?

    In your statement about concrete adhesive I'm confused as well. Are you intending to GLUE the backer board to block? Then stucco over?

    If you assume the block will get hot; forget about adhesives. If you know that the block is double walled; or this is a Decorative touch that won't be in close proximety to any heat; use Fiber glass based stucco.

    Steven Wolf


    45 plus years as a contractor
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