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who is russell simmons dating?

I am slow to find out stuff. I just turned on E and watching the kimora show and found out they are not together anymore. I hear he is with a young model. Anyone know her name or what she looks like? Must be nice to have billions, cause no girl will get with a POOR old man. But a rich old man....anna nichole lol what was he 98? Who here at that age would get with a man who is 90 with no money?

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    Russell Simmons (48) divorced Kimora Lee Simmons (30), who runs the Baby Phat fashion line, back in 2006. My god that woman is gorgeous. Anyway he was with model Denise Vasi (23) and it is believed that she was the reason for the split. He's openly admitted he was with her prior to the divorce.

    She won't last. She's just the flava of the month. He's also been linked to a number of other absurdly young girls, including "America's Next Top Model" winner Naima Mora (22).

    I think his net worth is somewhere around $325 million, supposed to be the 4th richest hip hop/rap artist. With money like that, he can have any woman he wants I suppose. Dang sure aint' his fine looks, coz he doesn't have any!

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    ME but he's only mine cause i got $$$$$$


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