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So haters, I guess they deserve this just because they are pit bulls?


FREEDOM: it's people with the same mentality you have that are causing them to be banned. As long as it's not MY breed of choice, screw 'em.

Update 2:

So FREEDOM: Danes are not over bred? Why would there be so many Dane Rescues?

Update 3:

No FREEDOM, I haven't met with my local legislators because there is NO problems with Pit Bulls here. HMMMM so why would I be on here fighting for other people and their pitts?????? We have 3 Animal Control officers here and THEY all own pit bulls.

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    A friend of mine, Animal control officer, pick up a pit bull I called about. I found him chained to a fence and the owner had cut his ears off flat to his head to help him win fights. This dog was scared from the abuse and fights he had all ready been in. Even though this man knew this dog had been in the pits and fought, he fell in love with this dog. Took him home loved and trained him. His kids played with him for years. 5 years age this dog became very sick and nothing could be done for him. This man, who as seen the worst and best of this breed hold his beloved pit in his arms as the vet gave him the shot that would end the life of a dog that madde a family happy. I know 8 ACofficers that own pits. I vet I worked for in KCMO in high school bred them for over 20 years. Never once did one of those dogs attack anyone. At 95 the man moved here to LV because of a pit bull ban in KCMO. If pits are the monsters the media and people say they are how come more AC officers, vets, dog walkers and groomers are not attacked and killed by them.

    If the people who are worried about being killed by a pit bull would watch this:

    Youtube thumbnail

    They would see how silly that fear is.

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    Again, it's the people, not the dogs.

    There's the perfect dog in every breed and the worst dog in every breed. That's the plain fact.

    Bad people are everywhere and it's up to the people to help the law to pass the rules to stop them. So start being proactive. Train for the CGC and then become an evaluator. Don't know what a CGC is? It's the Canine Good Citizen certificate sponsored by the AKC that says to the effect that your dog is safe under "general" circumstances in the "general" public. Go to the website and learn something about it then get active.

    Then help other breeds too. I put up with German Shepherd Dog haters every day but I let it go like water over a duck's back. Why? My dogs are trained. They're wayyyy above CGC level because they have to be. I know I have fine working dogs and I love the challenge of my chosen breed's finest minds. (Not to mention my dog's temperaments are better than the average Goldens out there...)

    I've had my dogs ignore ignorant fathers screaming at them when kids are running around my dogs because of breed racism and that is what it is. But me and my dogs pay no mind. We walk on with my pup joyously at heel or a 'free walk' (another obedience term... I highly recommend obedience training for ALL breeds and mixes) and not give them another thought or even the first glance.

    That's what ya gotta do.


    1. Be Proactive and do what you can to change the laws.

    2. Be Proactive and be the example and change you want to see.

    Source(s): I'm a working German Shepherd Dog owner, handler, breeder, and trainer for over 12 yrs, a retired veterinary technician of over 15 yrs.
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    I completely agree. I have a Rottie that is lovable as can be. He has been attacked twice. Once by a golden retriever and once by a british bulldog and both times he yelped and hid behind me. He doesn't like confrontation at all. Then there are idiots like freedom who don't understand why we are so concerned. Unlike freedoms danes pit bulls and rotties are targeted for Breed Selective Legislation. There are a number of places now banning rottwielers. It terrifies me that it could soon hit here. If it does I won't be living here anymore.

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    i dont get it either. how can people look at these dogs who were abused and say that they deserved it. almost all the people who dont like these dogs have probably never met one. i dont get. they r such great dogs but people base their opinions on news stories and stuff like that instead of basing it on personal experience. i dont get how people can be so cruel and hate these dogs. they r just like any other dog.

    EDIT: freedom: its difficult. everytime there is a dog attack it is blamed on pits. everytime someone sees a pit they think it is an attack dog and that it will kill u. i have never seen a person afraid of a dane or seen a news story about the true culprit of most dog attacks. that is y it is a big deal. people dont take great danes out of peoples yards and train them to be fighting dogs. people take pits and it gives them a bad name.

    EDIT: freedom we r trying to fight for them. they need help. people blame everything on them and thats not right. that is y we bring them into the public eye. they need help. they need a fighting chance.

    EDIT: freedom that is y we r fighting. it is because of the people that they have a bad rep. people give them the bad rep and we r fighting for the dogs and showing people that they r good dogs. there is nothing we can do about the stupid people that abuse them.

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    Many people dislike pitbulls because they feel that they can bite or hurt you, and because they are the most renowned FIGHTING dog, I really hate people that pit their dogs against other dogs, I feel that all dogs have rights, I'm a doglover and it's a pity that what people do to dogs, you can't do to the people that hurt them.

  • sadly, to many ppl think bad things about them! this is why BSL is such a big problem! the same with my American Bulldogs & the rotts.!! i love all these breeds. if they are well soclized & train, they are the best dogs!! it is dumb ppl who mess up these dogs & it is just easier for ppl to blam the dog then what really caused it!! makes me sick. do you use youtube?? if so check out my page at , this is the best way to try & fight this stuff. just getting mad will not saolve anything. hope i helped & please help join the fight against this stuff. :)

    Source(s): i feel the same way, but found a better way to expess my fellings:)
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    Sadly, you most likely wont change their minds. People believe what they want to believe, and half of these people that are against this breed, dont have a clue.. they just hear things and jump on the band wagon of haters.

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    It makes me sick to read about stuff like in Gods name could anyone do that to another living creature? For once, I would just like to know what is going through their minds when they decide to do something that horrible.

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    If all you Pitty people would just shut up about it and get over it the Pits would not be in the friggin spotlight so much. WHO cares if people don't like your breed or your dog? Not everyone likes my Danes either but you don't see me and a bunch of others crying about it. Lots of people are afraid of Danes too. Just love your dog and stop all the damn drama.

    WHY do you feel it is so important to convince the world these dogs are good? You guys are the pretty much the only ones thinking about it on a daily basis.

    The owners of pitbulls appear to be far more aggressive then the dogs! Give it a rest already! Maybe seek some pschiatric help and find out why it is so important to have the world accept your dog? It's plain weird if you ask me!

    Sorry you don't like my answer but I swear there is someone on here daily crying about why people don't like their pitbull. It gets old. They are JUST DOGS people. Not special, not mean.. Just DOGS and everytime you whine about people not liking them or being afraid YOU ARE putting them in the spotlight.. like it or not.

    And there are also people who breed the crap out of them and not care where they sell them. It is not about the dog.. Its about the people.

    Its a fight you won't win as long as ignorance keeps breeding them and you can look in every paper in the land today and find some stupid back yard breeder who has a litter of Pits for sale. They will sell to anyone and never give the pup a second thought once the money is in their hand.. These are generally teh SAME people who are crying about the injustice to the breed.

    I like them. I think they are very cool dogs. But I wouldn't own one because I try to keep my life baggage free.

    NO, it's not people like ME. I am not hte one breeding them haphazardly. Just because I am not willing to go to the town square and hold a LOVE MY BREED sign doesn't make your statement true.

    What are YOU doing to raise awareness? When was the last time you met up with local Legislators to discuss this? Where is your online group of supporters? Or are you like most others and all smoke no fire?

    If I am going to ban together for a cause it will not be about PitBulls.. My time would be better spent defending victims of child abuse and child molestation. You can't blame people for the problem just because they won't jump on your bandwagon. It's YOUR ride.. not mine!

    Yes they are over bred just like any other breed. ALL from ignorant back yard breeders. Dane Resuces are in place to clean up other people messes. You can go to ANY of the many Dane resuces and will likely not find ONE single Dane in need of rescue that came from a respectable breeder who shows their dogs. Ignorance is everywhere. I never said it wasnt a problem. There are far more ignorant people breeding pits though. Popularity rules in the numbers. Pits are more popular then Danes.

    They are not a problem in my area either and if they were... I would not spend my time with local officials fighting for them.

    You on the other hand felt the need to post here so it would seem you should also travel to support the cause.. whatever it is?

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    thats horrible.....

    pit bulls are no different than any other breed of dog in my opinion.

    its all in the way you raise the dog

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