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Australian Electoral Commission question?

I received a letter saying i needed to update me details on the electoral roll but i had lost (misplaced and was waiting for a new one to be sent out) my license at the time and couldnt complete the form.

In the meantime i received another letter saying because i hadnt responded my name has been removed and if i didnt agree i had to write a letter.

So i got my new license, wrote a letter, filled out the original change of details form and included a new electoral enrollment form just incase.

This was over a week ago and i havent received anything back so now i dont know if i am on the roll or not....

I hope that makes sense....

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    Go to the Australian Electoral Commission website

    Click on the link 'Check my enrolment details' you will find this link in the top right hand corner of their home page (it has a purple background)

    Complete the online form.

    There is also a number noted within the form that you can ring 13 23 26 or you can email them using:

    to check your details.

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    Check their website for information

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