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Lord Chancellor vs. Prime Minister

Can anyone explain the differences of Lord Chancellor and Prime Minister?

Thanks a lot!!!


So, can I say that Lord Chancellor is like the "Head of House of Lord" and like you said, its powers are now being delicated to other people. On the other hand, Prime Minister is "Head of the House of Common"?

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    Lord Chancellor:

    - It is oldest.

    - Has a lot of power ad jure before recent reform. Now he is just a symbolic office.

    - In modern day he does not excerise most his power

    Prime Minister:

    - It is modern.

    - Only have power as cadinet member and member of House of Common

    - He actively excerise his power


    Lord Chancellor is an oldest office in Britian, so we must speak its history before saying what it is. He is originally the keeper of royal seal and spiritial advisor (Please bear in mind that most people can only learn writing in monstery at that age). He later also preside the House of Lords (at the age of House of Lord, there is no separation of power, i.e., it is both administrative, legistative, and have power to make final judgement on legal dispute).

    At Year 2000, Lord Chancellor is a major cabinet member (主要內閣成員), Speaker of House of Lords (上議院主席), a Judge on Judicial Committee of the House of Lords(上議院司法委員會,當時的終審司法機關), a Judge on Privy Council (樞密院), President of Supreme court of England and Wales(英格蘭與威爾斯最高法院). However, all rights (except being execute power) is seldomly excerised: all such power are delegated to a experienced judge (on legal matter) or experienced Lord (on House of Lord).

    Prime Minister is another matter. He is a member of House of Common, and he is nominated by House of Common as Prime Minister, and such nomination cannot be refused by King/Queen. He cannot make judgement on any legal dispute, but he has all the power whenever he is propered elected. He will actively excerise his power.

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