Universal power adapter problems with my Nintendo NES?

I bought a universal adapter and set it to 9v as it shows on the old Nintendo system and everything turns on. Screen is clear but the sound has buzzing. I'm guessing because of the power? I've tried this adapter on three nintendos and the same thing happens. It has to be the universal adapter because I know my nintendo very well and that doesn't happen with the original power adapter. The universal adapter has different settings.. tried some of them.. same thing happens for 7.5v. There is an option to put it on 12v but I haven't tried it yet. Is it safe to try? Does anyone know why the buzzing sound comes on when a game is being played?

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    1 decade ago
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    This won't help, but I have a similar question posted. No other random 9 volt AC adapter will work with any of the three nes consoles I have. I've also tried the universal adapter. I've come to the realization that I probably have to buy the original adapter off ebay.

    original nes stuff is getting expensive!!

  • 4 years ago

    the priority indisputably is the seventy two-pin connector, to be generic its the black piece interior your NES that the video games slide into. The flaw with the NES grow to be that the connectors while used regularily in common terms final 10-15 years then start to get grimy or bent and don't study the video games. to no longer point out the quite terrible outcomes the sport genie had. Now there are 3 achievable problems taking place at the same time with your pin connector. one million. The connector and or the sport cartridge are grimy, use rubbing alcohol and a Q-tip to clena the two, observe: do no longer use water no matter what you do it in common terms motives injury. The greater alcohol content textile in the rubbing alcohol the greater valuable. this could desire to be completed heavily and via step via step instructions you will locate on youtube or google, to stay away from injury. 2. Your connector has pins that are bent and can be fastened. i latterly offered a sparkling NES in common terms to have your comparable undertaking, I rather have had it earlier and such as you nervous if it grow to be rubbish. frequently that's the case, yet i got here across that my pins have been bent in a manner that i had to take aside the console and rebiuld it myself so the video games can go down a techniques adequate to be study. 3. Your pin connector is bent and can't be repaired and additionally you're able to be able to desire to purchase a sparkling one. eBay is a reliable place to look. you're able to desire to bathe the sport and pin connector to be certain in case you have any success, if no longer attempt soem different video games. in case you nonetheless have problems attempt repositionng the ame in differtent techniques as this makes a brilliant distinction in the adventure that your pins are bent. If after hours of attempting to repair it and not something is working you will only could desire to via yet another one. desire this facilitates. NES problems are greater frusturating than the different console.

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    NES? -- I didn't know a person from the 1980's could ask a question online, and have it appear in the year 2007.

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    nintendo is nintendo. they make their own hardware to make it suit themselves. i dont' think the buzzing is a real problem

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