How long dose it take to lower your blood pressure?

My blood pressure is 146/97. It been that high for a couple of months,, I have been changing my diet,, no fired foods, no caffine, no red meat, I have been eathing 1500 cal or less a day. I have lost 40 pounds but my blood pressure is stils up.. I have anxiety, and I know that dont help,, I do not want to get on meds,,, I am only 35.. How long does it take for your blood pressure to go down with chagning you diet..

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    Add some regular, moderate exercise (brisk walking, etc.) to your new eating style and that should further reduce your BP. Furthermore, seeing a doctor about your concerns (including anxiety) could help immensely. If you don't have a "regular" doctor, a walk-in clinic doctor or a nurse practitioner can be a good alternative. My short answer to your question is: blood pressure can be brought down pretty quickly with the proper advice and/or treatment. I speak from experience. BTW ... congratulations on your weight loss!

    Source(s): Personal experience with proper diet, moderate excerise, and a doctor's counsel.
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    I was diagnosed with hypertension 2 months ago and was told there is no specific length of time where your BP will come down. at 146/97 it is high but not critical. I recently finished a series of tests and everything is showing as normal. If you are concerned about it you should organise a cardio stress test, Echocardiogram, and renal ultrasound to eliminate any of these potential problems. The biggest problem with BP is the lack of answers as to why you have it. You are going about it the right way and you should count yourself lucky that it has been diagnosed so early as a lot of people don't know they have hypertension until they have a stroke and or heart attack. Medication is not the end of the world one pill in the morning and off you go. Try to relax more give yourself more "you time" and if it is your job think about a change of career. Look after yourself i hope it comes down soon

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    Normal blood pressure for an adult is around 120/80, hypotension (the posh medical term for low blood pressure) is anything under 90/60. Having a low BP would explain why you feel faint if you get up or lie down too fast. It takes longer for the oxygen you breath in to get to your vital organs, such as your brain, hence why you feel dizzy. If your doctor says it is safe then don't worry. Having high blood pressure is much more hazardous to your health.

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    Your mileage may vary. It all depends. To make things even more interesting, realize that not every cause of hypertension is due to primary hypertension. There are secondary causes of hypertension, such as renal artery stenosis. There's not much the changes you have made can do to make the blood pressure better if that is the case. Have a physician help with the diagnosis and treatment.

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    how about your family? all of my grandparents have hypertension so no matter what I do, i know that that will kill me. I run 4-5 x a week and i work out, but still my bp is 124/82.

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