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What all do I need for my CB?

I have a Uniden CB? and I would like to install it into my truck for farm work ,harvest, ect. What all do I need to hook it up besides like antennas? Like the serious stuff.

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    CB, MIc and Antenna, but to get the optimum performance from the unit, invest in an SWR meter and tune the antenna to the radio. It isn't that hard to do and the instructions with the SWR meter will explain how to do it. I do stress to not cut more than 1/8th of an inch from the antenna at a time (stainless whip type) you can always trim more off but you can never put it back on. This will make sense once you read up on how to tune the antenna. If an antenna is too far out of tune for the radio it can and will burn the radio out, so it is rather important to tune it. Tuning the antenna will gain you several miles with a stock 4watt xmitter, and helps reception too.

    To add an update here to inform you that 4 watts is the legal limit for xmitter on CB radio, adding an amplifier is illegal and MAY, if traced get you into trouble with the FCC .

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    I don't know what you mean by "serious stuff" as every part of the CB is serious if you mean it to work.

    There are 3 parts to a CB: the radio itself, the antenna and the mike. That's it.

    Plug the mike and the antenna into the radio then plug the radio into your cigarette lighter plug. You're done.

  • Eric P
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    You don't need much. Just hook the power wires to the battery or fuse box, or even the cigarette lighter. And plug in an antenna.

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    A old satelight dish works great for finding that one person that is lost/or pissing you off.


    Another why is to slowly turn your truck when the tack is at it's grates that's the direction you wont to go.

    Never mount your antenna behind the cab unless its VHF.

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    MORE POWER. stock cb's are only 4watts. if you want to talk far or be really clear, you need a kicker. its like a signal amp that goes between your radio and antenna.

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  • Anonymous
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    that's all you need for the most part, CB and antenna, wire and antenna mount

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