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what should i say?

okay well i am in highschool and you know how theres lots of parties and everything. well i bearly ever get to go to one and my parents always have know like everything and stuff.

i don't know what to tell them anymore cuz they are getting suspicious. and everytime i say im going to a friends they ask to talk to their parents. what should i tell them????????!


oh and my mom is always like well i know whats going on and kids these days always tell their parents there staying with there friend and then go somewhere where neither of them are. and she always talks about how she knows everythingg..

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    So basically you want us to come up with lies for you so you can go to keggers and get wasted. This is what you say to your parents:

    Mom and dad. I am so sorry for lying to you in the past about where I have been going and what I have been doing. I promise to not lie to you again and be on my best behavior from now on. I want to earn your trust back so that you can feel secure in me and the upbringing you gave me. I also wanted to thank you for loving me and giving me things that I wanted and making sure that I had everything I needed. Rather then spending time partying I will make sure that my HW is done every night, that I get good grades in school and I will also get a p/t job to pay for the little things in life that I want and to have some put away in an account for later on in life or to save up and buy that big thing I really want. Again, mom and dad, I am so sorry that my lies have caused you to not trust me at this point, but I will do my best to help you regain your trust in me again.



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    They want to know because they care about you. If they weren't concerned about where you were and who you were with and what you were doing, that would be a sure sign they didn't care and did not love you as much as they do.

    I know it seems counterproductive to not have all that freedom you want, but here is how to get some. BE HONEST with them. If you are open with your mom and talk to her and come up with some things you will do - like keep in touch and always give them a heads up about where you are and what you're doing, then they will trust you more.

    I have two teenagers and as long as they are always where they say they will be and with who they say they are with, and they call or text or basically stay in touch if any plans or situation changes, I have no problem. If they don't check in, aren't where they say they are, aren't with the friends I thought they were with, etc, then my trust in them AND their friends drops severely. Sorry too - I also expect to speak with a parent so I know there's an adult around.

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    As a parent, I would aways want to know where my children are. Parents can't help it!!! Your parents love you and want to keep you safe but they do need to give you some space and independance and learn to trust you.

    The best way to earn their trust is to tell the truth. I know its hard because you think they don't understand you but remember your mum has been there too.

    I don't know your parents but if it was me I would rather know where you were. Maybe you could agree with them to go to a party but you will let them pick you up at an agreed time around the corner discreetly so you aren't embarassed that your parents are picking you up?

    The more honest you are the more freedom they will give you as you earn more trust. They will see you are maturing.

    Hope this helps

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    If you're not planning on doing something you shouldn't be doing, then you should have no problem telling your parents where you will be.

    I'm not going to help you lie to your parents. Those parties are so over-rated anyways. Like your first answerer said.

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    Seriously, she probably knows. Now that I'm older my parents told me they knew I did stuff like that. I thought I was a freakin' genius and DUH i had 3 older brothers and sisters who did it all before me.

    Seriously, youre parents were kids once too!

    Why don't you just come clean with them? What's the worst that can happen?

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    Tell them "thank you for caring enough about me to keep me from doing something I'll regret later."

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    Trust me high school parties are soooo overrated.

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