Scavenger hunt?

Me and my friends are going to have a big random scavenger hunt and we need ideas of things we could look for.

Funny and random things.

And also things we have to do and get proof of us doing on cam.

Like uhh, hugging a random person and stuff, you know?

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    I LOVE scavenger hunts!

    Did you watch Sleepover? You know that movie that start Sara Paxton and other random people? They did a scavenger hunt too.

    Things to do/get:

    A picture of someone dancing with someone on the street. LOL RANDOM

    A Barbie doll, or Ken or Kelly

    A hula hoop

    A walmart shopping bag

    Cowboy hat

    Toe Socks



    A Pony LOL

    An old yearbook

    A tambourine

    a guy from your school's boxers

    British flag

    Plane ticket

    Pink umbrella

    A beanie baby

    Something that says made in Switzerland LOL

    A hippy! XXD

    A clown

    Hockey player

    Yellow pillow caes with funky designs on them =]

    Silly putty

    Kiss a random dude on the cheek

    Whistle at a girl/boy LOL Thats what I had to do before ROFL

    Take a pic with a manican with the most outrageous thing you've ever seen!

    Take a pic with a store worker LOL

    Pretend you've fainted and see if someone think you really are fainting! LOL

    Etc Etc

    Just be cretive or look at some of the links below

    Have fun!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Getting the autograph of a janitor.

    Eating a the biggest size icecream sundae and your local iceream shop.

    Business card from a random store


    have fun

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