usb port thingy??

what is going on with my computer. I stuck my phone in and it recognizes that it's been inserted because it's on the "safely remove hardware" list, but it won't open it. When I right click on it and try to open it says "please insert disk into drive F" All I want is to get the pictures off of the phone and onto the computer. What should I do?


I've tried other ones already and it's the same thing

Update 2:

It worked without doing that (installing software) the first time. The next time I tried it it wouldn't work.

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    installing the driver or program that came along the phone would be the best option. but since you said its not working out, try system restore.

    => Start => All Programs => Accessories => System Tools => System Restore => on the window that pops out select

    "Restore my computer at an earlier time => Next

    At the right side of the window there is a calendar. select a date when your phone was still working well with your pc. A Bold date is a valid restore point. click next until your computer restarts.

    if this doesn't still work, please post your phone model and OS.

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    In order to do this you need to install the drivers or a special software designed to work with your phone. According to the brand of your phone go to the internet and search for that software.

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    high priced pal, via way of God that have given Mr. Microsoft the expertise to verify Ms dwelling house domicile windows XP. As a techniques geting this subject resolved, there are 2 subjects that decide for be on floor. the 1st element is that i opt to have faith which you're on dwelling house domicile windows XP working kit. If "particular", the subsequent question then is this - the so talked approximately as ipod device ought to ought to incorporate an installation Compact Disc. This CD is meant to includes the driving force which would be used to launch your ipod device to the kit, this is, the 1st time you're connecting it on your kit, in spite of the fact that, you gained't opt to try this back different time you're employing your ipod. So, as quickly as you have the CD, close your workstation down with out connecting the ipod, then, after the kit had complete booting, connect your ipod device; dwelling house domicile windows will look for for by potential of its drivers database. If have been given right here throughout the time of, your device would be put in. If no longer have been given right here throughout the time of, dwelling house domicile windows XP will on the spot you to insert the installation CD that have been given right here with the ipod. as quickly as your insert this, the total paintings is complete. only that... BYE

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    Go to _start_My Computer_ Find it there

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