When hillary Clinton becomes President, Will Bill goe overseas, to other nations want to like us again?

My Feelings are that if and When Hillary become president, that She can hire bill as some kind of Diplomat to go around to nations and make up a lot of peace again that we lost from this current jessie James Presidency we have now? What do you think? I also feel we will again get to a Better health care system, and correct the overspending currently gong on, on an annual basis. I would like some honest answers back, not just blabber and political, but gut feelings

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    Yes! he's charming! and can communicate wilth foreign

    officials on those issues, and with Hilliary in office, all

    people will benefit from Laws may it be Health or Immigration

    especially illegal. Also! she willl mother the nation and others

    elsewhere with the help of her husband. A good vice-presi-

    dent in the show! will bring the much needed peace, and

    respect once again for America, not foul words! from

    countries they have shielded from their own evils! Most

    of all some attention really needs to be focused on the

    soldiers in Iraq, in terms of withdrawal. They're wasting

    ammunition and time and losing their lives in the process

    There is no reward for the sacrifice of the U.S. military, in

    hopes of restration of Democracy, it is Islam!it rules the

    region, all the soldiers and their families will get is a medal

    and a tomb inscription in this particular war! and one

    hundred years from now, there will be a re-occurence, it's a

    cycle of corruption that was from the beginning of time. The

    book of revelation tells us "So it was in the beginning! so

    shall it be in the end!" It's the Law for them.

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    Your ignorance as with the ignorance that was overwhelming in 2006 election results befuddles me! There is some very basic language of the simplicity of how govt passes into law bills passed in the house and senate! rule one bill needs to pass in the house! Rule two Bill needs 51 votes to pass, in the senate Rule three bill needs to be signed by president. Rule four, which foolish people pay no mind two is VETO power by the president! 2006 the democrats had 12 issues the guarrenteed would be run through and passed the 1st 100 days....2 have passed. the minimum wage. and funding of the war! What the foolish idiots weren't told by the democrats is after the elections, and there great gains in the house and senate, was; WE DONT HAVE THE 60+ VOTES OR 2/3 MAJORITY IN THE HOUSE TO OVER RIDE A VETO!!!! You idiots think the the socialist programs which sound sooooooo good in a B.S. speech by H. Clinton is going to zip through as planned! WRONG!!! America is finally waking up to this democratic led house and senate....An approval rating of 11% shows that....and it has not been above 20% in a year!! Hell G.W.'s approval rating is around 30%, which still sucks, but America is real unhappy with the B.S. the democrats fed them in 2006! Now all your democratic candiates are saying they wont guarrentee all troops out of Iraq by the end of their 1st term 2013! LMAO.....You all think the Repulicans are liars, well your side now owns the word! As for Bill being a paid delegate.....He'll probably sell more defense technology to china, Iran, India, Syria, as he did in 1996! And if you think a national health care is going to work....look at other govt progrmas,, Welfare, Medicare, Social Security, Verterans benefits, Education......Just how well are they working???? lol....I for one will not like being told what doctor and what facility i have to go for for my health care...and i like to pay as i go!!

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    1 decade ago

    Other countries that dislike us now may begin to like us again if they see us returning to the apathy that constituted our foreign policy of the 90s. Attack after attack left unsnswered. David Koresh recieved the treatment bin Laden needed but unfortunately Clinton was in charge.

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    She will not be President, for she is a rude biotch. And if you live in NYC, get out, b/c she will again prepare it for another attack.

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