How has the federal government obtained its power to tax? How can the federal and state governments both have?

this power?

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    it is in the definition of the word "federal" government.

    our federal government means that is the head of several independent states. though one country, we are a collection of 50 equal but separate individual states all showing allegiance to the one government. therefore, each state has the power to tax their own people for the benefit of the state as well as the "federal" government has the right to tax their citizens for the benefit of the country.

    after the debacle that was the articles of confederation the authors decided that they needed to have a strong central government otherwise there would not be a "united" states but a confederation of states; equal, independent and sovereign. the most basic problem of the articles was the central government's inability to tax and it's inability to enforce the tax laws. under the articles, congress and the president could pass laws to tax the country however in order to obtain the monies from the tax law they would need the permission from all the states and only as a portion of the taxes that the states' felt deemed necessary for upkeep of the government. also, congress and the president needed an unanimous decision from congress in order for the tax law to go into effect. as a result, most states did not abide by the tax laws and some bills did not reach the floor of congress.

    the constitution was created to give the power to the government and with 3/4 approval from the state legislatures they would either come into the union or deny to become part of that union. the tax law was written into the constitution to prevent the same kind of chaos that existed under the articles. thankfully, all the colonial states accepted the constitution except for a few states which in the end were finally admitted with some revisions and amendments.

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    It is Constituonally mandated. States vote as to wherther they have a State tax or not. At the Same time, government cannot tax it' people without representing them or their interests.

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    they let the people vote on the tax laws. people pay taxes to receive certain services. it pays government employees salaries and pays for equipment and upkeep.

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