Please suggest me a maths project(working model) for class 10 on topics such as probabilit,statistics,circles?

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  • titou answered 7 years ago
Well, with the World Series going on, how about a study of the statistics and probability of a baseball team (according to it's position in the season-end standings) reaching or winning the World Series since the change to the present layout of six competing "Divisions" in each league, the institution of the "Wild Card", and present playoff format?

Not too wide a statistical base (only a few years) -- easy access to data, and even unprovable conclusions -- so you can make your own theory at the end....

Or if you're not a baseball fan, you could do the same thing with the NFL. One of the secrets of doing well on any project is having an interest in the subject!
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  • Maverick answered 7 years ago
    you could do anything on sports
    pick you favorite sport and keep the statistics of how the players are doing.

    are you interested in cards?
    pick a card game like poker, etc. and calculate the probability of drawing 3 of a kind

    you can use the weather
    look at the forecasts and determine how accurate they were. Keep the statistics such as high and low for the day, amount of percipitation, amount of daylight hours, show how you are losing (or gaining) daylight hours per day. You can keep a chart determining how accurate the forecasts were.
    sometimes they give a weather forecast of a 20% chance of rain - explain this.

    hope this gives you some ideas.
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