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Looking for a good place to purchase essential oils....(not Young Living brand please)?


I did not like the quality of Young Living - as much as everyone hypes it up to be....so I wanted to see if any others are recommended.

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    Essential oils are becoming more and more mainstream. They can of course be purchased at health food stores as well as in larger grocery stores and on the internet.

    The convenience of being able to 'get it today' is something you will need to weigh against some things like...Does the store have a policy of pulling stock off of the shelves after a certain period of time? How have the oils been stored and where? Is it possible to get more information about the oil such as country of origin, country of processing and year of distillation? You will likely find that the retail clerk can only give limited in formation and advice.

    Purchasing essential oils from the internet usually means that you are buying from a company that sells a lot of oil and likely has enough turn over to have fresh product. They are likely to store the oils correctly. They should be able to give you answers to all of your questions. Prices for each bottle are going to be less on average than from a retail store. Shipping costs and time are something you'll have to consider as well.

    Emily's Oils & Essentials continues a 20 year tradition of offering the finest in aromatherapy supplies to individuals, therapists, spas and clinics.

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    The reason why people keep telling you that brand is because they are the best and I haven't bought from them in years. So, I have a health food store near by and they have essential oils, so I would assume all health food stores have a section that sells them.

    Look them up in your area and phone them and ask. If they do not, your best bet is to find someone to sponsor you into Y and L Oils to get it UPS at your door step, because they are what they say they are on the label.

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    I really liked this one company called Quintessence Aromatics Inc. I never really liked the quality of Young Living either actually...kinda weird. I dunno, the energy doesn't feel right to me. If you're looking for a cheap brand, I'd just walk over to the health food store. They usually carry Aura Cacia or Wyndermere (I think that's what that one is called). Neither are bad, but it's cheaper than some of the other companies out there. I'll admit, Quintessence isn't cheap, but they have good quality oils.

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    Go to www.kobashi.com, they are in the UK. They are very selective about the quality of oils that they sell. At one point this company would not sell jasmine oil, because they were looking for a producer that did not have an oil with high phthlates and other contaminates, it took them a while, but now they sell it.

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    I personally use Mountain Rose Herbs. (have website by same name) Very reliable, and not to bad in price. A couple of other on line companies you could try is Frontier or San Francisco Herb. I've also purchased things from them as well. All 3 are reliable but my favorite is Mountain Rose. Good Luck!

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