If we assume that certain systems of matter and energy are conscious, how do we know which are not?

Your brain is a system of matter and energy and it's presumably conscious. What is it about the brain that makes it so? There are many other complex systems in the universe.

Is a worm conscious? Is bacteria conscious? Is the internet conscious? Is the universe conscious? How can you say that a rock is not conscious? It has a systematic arrangement and energy moves through it too.


If you're going to say "the soul" just save it. I'm looking for real answers.

Update 2:

Duke of Windom Earle: Interesting, but I wonder if any of his components can be removed? What about memory?

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    This guy gives a rigorous definition of consciousness. Under his definition people and worms are conscious, but the rest of the stuff you mentioned is not.


    Maybe the internet is... I'm not sure.

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    Consciousness is the ability to know that you are aware of your surroundings. In the spiritual dimensions, everything is energetic consciousness. In the physical world, the brain is like a tool or computer to help you bring your spiritual consciousness into view.

    It is sort of like tuning into a radio station. Unfortunately, some people are receiving the signals of creation too well. That is why we have people with special abilities being locked up into a lab or asylum.

    Creative or God consciousness expands into energy on higher planes of existence. The third dimension is a lower frequency.

    Oh, you want proof? OBEs and Dreams are the key. Do some astral travelling and talk to some spirit guides. They will help you understand.

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    Conciousness seems to be related to feedback mechanisms in the neocortex. It is essentially the brain thinking about its own thought process. It is a property of the complex algorithm which the brain performs.

    It is important to remember that we are not the brain. We are what the brain does.

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    I am a Pantheist, in my opinion you are thinking in accurate terms.

    Have a star, because I want to see peoples answer to this.

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