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English - Hebrew translation?


How do i say the following sentences in hebrew:

"Things are not going well between us" (relationship)

"He designs those shoes"


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    Things are not going well between us -- D'varim loh holchim tov beneinu.

    Or, a statement more commonly used - D'varim loh mistadrim beneinu

    He designs those shoes -- Hu me'atzev et hana'alayim ha'eileh.

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    זה לא הולך טוב ביננו

    "Ze Lo Holech Tov Beineinu"

    הוא מעצב את הנעליים האלו

    "Hoo Me'atsev Et Hanalaim Ha'elo"

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    "Dvarim lo mistadrim beineinu"

    "Hu me'atsev et hana'alayim ha'eilu"

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