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Do u think the FDA is protecting us ?

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    The FDA can't protect the public because it's controlled by political hacks and drug industry insiders.

    It takes in "user fees" from drug and medical device companies which turns the companies that are being checked and regulated into fee paying customers.

    It takes years to finalize regulations to control common bacterial hazards in food. Is it any wonder that we've had so many food borne illnesses from packaged meat, hamburgers and spinach?

    It relies on the findings of outside committees to approve drugs and medical devices. These committee include and are sometimes chaired by people who work for pharmaceutical companies! Approvals are made based on small studies performed by the drug companies themselves. Is it any surprise new diabetes drugs and pain relievers have been causing heart attacks?

    Now that some of the public is alert to these abuses, a few companies will voluntarily withdraw dangerous products from the market, like the cough syrup for children.** But we're not going to see a significant change in oversight under this administration, the Bushies are the ones who have undermined it!.

    **I'm suspicious about this one, was it the chemical itself, or has some of the cough syrup been contaminated with anti-freeze sweetener from China.

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    The FDA has had the subject that no rely what they do - somebody gets disenchanted. in the event that they tighten down the regulations for proving drug protection - we whinge approximately them conserving existence-saving drugs off the industry. in the event that they velocity up the approval technique - we whinge that they are permitting probably hazardous drugs onto the industry.

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    The reason behind the FDA was to protect the people from unscrupulous drug companies. Now it's just a pimp for the drug companies.

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    The FDA is ruled by the prescription drug industry.

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    No. Any organization that would approve Nutra Sweet for human consumption and even allow it to be put into childrens vitamins etc. isn't doing a very good job.

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    It depends on who is sitting in the White House and how much he charges for pardons.

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