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Kurds, Am I right?

since there’s no Kurdish site here I think Kurds are reading this, too! Turkish Kurds, are you sure you want independence badly? Are you really ready to face future disasters?

1) a steep decrease of economy, crazy inflation, mass emigration of creative population (mind! mostly to the same Turkey!);

2) strongly corruptive government and officials (mind! your 100% Kurdish native men!), the fight between clans for power in the country;

3) and there’ll be no Turks whom you’d blame for these disasters as you’re doing to-day; I’m not exaggerating the picture; just look at other nations that became independent last century;


so, what is Citov hizir for?

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    the points you're making are correct!

    however the Kurdish are not in a position to see this. They are alike children who stubbornly want something without thinking about the problems and responsibilities coming along with it.

    (The same happened to the Palestinian people after they declared independence.)

    So Kurds will see that an AK-47 is not enough to deal with such high issues as you point out. But as an American saying goes "If all you have is a hammer, you get to see all the problems as nails.."

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    I don't believe the Kurds living in Turkey want their own independent country. I believe they just want their language to be recognized and the ability to speak it freely along with listening to their own music and having it taught in schools.

    Until recently, you could be jailed for speaking Kurdish--which is such a shame. The Turks do not want to recognize that there are Kurdish people living in Turkey that speak another language and are entitled to equal rights just as much as anyone else.

    I would make the comparison to USA accepting spanish as their second language. This is what Kurds in Turkey be accepted and recognized.

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    Lol I get ur point clear enuf but i don't know if the turks wud Kaksi for there is something about freedom even if it means a economic downfall or a country crisis freedom will make people do anything and suffer or live thru anything, I say this for my country sure did prosper at a snails pace but it's still trying hard to make it's economic infrastrusture solid with gradual growth and steady loan form the world bank lol but none the less freedom is freedom. Newayz I suppose ur concern for Turks is genuine but let them take their country up with some of their own efforts.

    Imagine being a slave for ur whole life naah it's unethical and non justifiable.

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    Good points there. You need also to ask those Turkish citizens of Kurdish origin who have a good life living in Izmir, Istanbul etc., and to those who are members of parliament, whether they would like to have an idependent Kurdish state. And by the way, they are not slaves. They are equal citizens of the Republic of Turkey.

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    I don't know what Kurds think so i can not answer this but i just want to correct something.

    Your writing mass immigration of creative population is not true.

    You should have said immigration of the unqualified people. Qualified ones are not moving anywhere since they can have great opportunities in their own country and without being harrased by some countries' uncultured citizens.

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    it is just a dream for kurds to have their own country that's impossible! First of all there is no land,and secondly no country will let them to seperate their lands! How funny that they are the only race that has no country.if kurds were intelligent enough,they would be friends of usand maybe(!) we would let them to own their country,but what did they is supporting terrorism,PKK.

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    You are asking for individual ideas from a feudal people. I am not exaggerating. They vote for the party their landlords tell them to. They support a terrorist who is only interested in his own welfare. They don't make individual decisions and look for somebody to tell them what to do.

    I have to be fair. There are Turkish Kurds who are modern and free minded, who make their own decisions, who are educated and THEY SEE THEMSELVES AS TURKS!

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    Agree with your point

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    Hi kaksi gay!

    in TÜRKİYE , we says TÜRK MİLLETİ , all the citizens of our country ,TÜRKLER and KÜRTLER.

    we don't like to separate our citizens ,by the some fellow!

    go home from middle east and mesopotamia!

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