What is the difference between the Australian Labour Party and the Australian Liberal Party?

I have never been really into politics and would like to know the difference between the two major parties in Australia, to help me decide who to vote for in the coming elections.

Can some explain the difference between the two parties from a philosophy, approach and policy perspective?

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    The Australian Labor Party (ALP) is an Australian political party. Founded in 1891 by the emerging labour movement in Australia, it is the country's oldest political party having contested seats at the 1901 federal election following the federation of Australia. The party currently competes with the Liberal/National coalition for political office, particularly at the federal and state level. Labor has formed the federal opposition since 1996 after holding government since 1983. Labor has held government in all six states and both mainland territories since 6 March 2002, one month after the 2002 South Australian election. Should Labor gain 16 additional seats to form government at the 2007 federal election, the party's current federal parliamentary leader Kevin Rudd will become Prime Minister of Australia.

    The Liberal Party of Australia is an Australian political party.

    Founded a year after the 1943 federal election to replace the United Australia Party, the Liberal party competes with the Australian Labor Party for political office. In federal politics, the Liberal Party has held power since winning government in 1996 after having been in opposition since 1983, and governs in its traditional coalition with the National Party. However, in state politics, as of the 2002 South Australian election, the Liberals have been in opposition in all six Australian states and two mainland territories.

    The party's current federal leader is John Howard who will be contesting the 2007 federal election for a fifth consecutive term as Prime Minister of Australia. The party's National President is Chris McDiven.

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    Here are a few things related to the question:

    At the federal level, the major differences between the Australian Labor Party and the Liberal Party are in key

    policies and leadership.

    The National Party exercises power and influence far in excess of its electoral support and to the detriment of Australian democracy.

    For the conservative side of politics to present a viable alternative in Australian politics, a merger of the Liberal and National parties is essential.

    In the past the Labor Party was preoccupied with ideology whereas the Liberal Party was seen to represent stable government and sound economic management. Today it seems these roles are reversed.

    The Liberal Party has been described as the party of private enterprise.

    The policies of the Australian Labor Party suggest that it is not simply the political arm of the trade union movement.

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    The above question answered the history well, however it doesnt address your last paragraph. Best I can do, as the subject is so broad, is to send you to read the 2007 election site, so that you may find out for yourself about the options, policies and opinions;


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