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What does the c/u mean on Mercado Libre?

Was lookin at there site, and I can't read spanish, so was translating everything. Are the things sold in US dollars or pesos? What does the c/u mean that they put after the money?

Like ....$34 c/u


Thank you both for your answers. I placed an ad on Mercado Libre. If you want, you can look and tell me if it makes sense! I could not change city to mine, but added USA to listing. The listing number is 17566671.

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    Cada Uno; wich means each one.(c/u = cada uno)

    Those are usually sold in mexican pesos if the seller is from Mexico, but actually the price dependes on the seller.

    Source(s): I'm mexican and I have bought in mercado libre.
  • Anonymous
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    I'm selling Easter eggs

    it cost $ 300 every single item (cada uno)[c/u]

    regularly the eggs are sold by the kilo, but the seller is trying to clarify that every single egg cost you 300 pesos.

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    Cada uno.....each one.

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