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Was Guatemala really part of Mexico or were parts of Mexico Guatemalan?

One of my best friends is from Guatemala. She says that parts of Mexico such as Chiapas were Guatemalan. Some of my Mexican friends though say it was the other way around that Guatemala was a state of Mexico but became independent later on...

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    Your friend is right. The entire Spanish holdings in the area consisted of Mexico AND Central America, and Antigua, Guatemala was the capital of this "new world" during the 1600-1700s. This fine city was destroyed by en earthquake and floods during 1776 and the capital moved to Guatemala City. In the early 1800's Mexico declared its independence and the Union of Central America did the same. Later, they formed the countries that exist there today.

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    Before independence from Spain in 1821, Chiapas Mexico was ruled by the Captains General of Guatemala, who's territory stretched all the way to Panama.

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    Part of what Esteban says is true, but not all. Chiapas and Soconusco were not another state or country or whatever, they were part of actual Central America (then Capitania de Guatemala), but in the late 1800s a document was signed buy Justo Rufino Barrios, giving to Mexico those lands in appreciation for the help Benito Juarez gave him on the Revolution.

    It seems that history changes fromo side to side of the border.

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    Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica have been all under Spanish rule that grow to be administered out of Mexico 2 distinctive situations. From the sixteenth century till 1821 the Captaincy known of Guatemala, which lined the above named international places, grow to be controlled by using Spain and Mexico. In 1821 the CGG declared this is independence yet grow to be annexed returned into Mexico purely a 365 days later. whilst Mexico grew to grow to be a republic in 1823, the Congress of appropriate American international places declared this is Independence as quickly as returned.

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    During the colony, Nueva España had a big territory, including California, Texas and Central America. As it finished, independence war, a mexican general named Filisola, went to the south, and gave the fredoom to Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica, because that was the wish of those people. Chiapas was also a free state whose people decided to become a part of the mexican republic in the half of XIX century.

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    I think what your friend might have meant is that the yucatan peninsula was 'ethnically' more mayan/central american than mexican/aztec. Not sure what time period you are referring to, but if you go back in time far enough, there was no such thing as mexico or guatemala. Again, it depends on the context.

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    My mom is from Guatemala so i think not but Spain once owned west of the u.s and all of Florida and Central American and Mexico

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    I love this question

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