High speed train?

Does the high speed train fly or on the railroad?

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    I assume when you say railroad you mean rails. Anyway, there are arguably two types of high speed trains. The most common and practical still run on rails. Sadly America is far behind in the rail transportation area, many other countries have these trains many of which top speeds of 125mph. The other type of train are what are called maglevs, short for magnetic levitation. They don't fly as much as float in a magnetic field that also provides propulsion. Although the concept is not new(maglev trains were seen 20+ years ago) application is still many years off. So to sum up your question, trains today still run on wheels and track- No train can "fly", they call those planes.

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    Well a high speed train on first class rail almost feels as if it is flying but no, without a lot of pressure on the wheels and flanges it would fly but only for a short time and the landing would not be pretty

    Maglev trains actually do "fly"

    they are magnetically levitated off the rail by magnetic opposition, when operating properly they have no contact with their rail. there are rubber tires that ride very vry near the center rail to hold the train in place if the power to the magnetic system fails and the train "falls"

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    They don´t fly, they remain on the rails. If you talk of the name of the Spanish Highspeed trins (AVE), it doesn´t mean bird but Alta Velocidad Española (Spanish Highspeed). To avoid that they leave the tracks, the curves have a very high radius (approx 3000 meters) in Europe. Therefore they are constructing the new lines here.

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    HEY John,

    They have a maglev in China. I rode one from Shanghai to the airport. That thing HAULS!. (300 KPH)


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