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Can you over feed fish?

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    Fish are opportunistic eaters. They will eat and eat and eat. The more you feed your fish the more waste they will produce. The waste will eventually start to break down and release toxins into your tank. Nitrite, Nitrate, and Ammonia are what you need to watch for. You can get test kits at your LFS that will help you monitor these levels. When they start to rise you can take the appropriate measures. As for feeding your fish small frequent feedings are better then one or two large feeding per day. Hope this helps.

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    Yes you can. This is a very common problem. Fish will always seem hungry. Feed them very little at a time. Over feeding results in lots of wasted food on the bottom that rots and causes bad water. The bad water lacks oxygen and slowly suffocates the fish.

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    You absolutely can and it causes two possibly fatal results. One is the leftover food sits in the water and rots and creates toxic water which kills fish. The other is the fish overeats and gets constipation and other internal diseases which can also kill the fish. This is why we try to so very carefully explain to remove all uneaten food after 5 minutes and to choose to underfeed rather than overfeed, including fasting one day a week to allow for the fishes' systems to clear out.

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    Yes. The excess food will sink to the bottom of the tank and begin to rot which makes the water toxic to the fish. You need to feed them the right amount and clean the tank every 2 weeks.

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    yes and all the left over food will pollute the tank

  • yes.

    They die from over feeding.

    Source(s): i overfed goldfish till their death before
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    Not bettas, they stop eating when they are full.

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