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A question for Christians...?

Do you know who or what Vulcan is?

Twice now, I have asked a question with a reference to Vulcan in it, and twice now, I've had atheists comment that "most Christians probably don't know"...

I don't believe that Christians are that uneducated, so I'm asking...if you are a Christian, what do you know about Vulcan?


Ahem...thank you, RR, but I do know who Vulcan is...I wanted to know how many OTHER Christians know, since so many atheists seem to think we are "uneducated"...

Update 2:

Ha...and thank YOU, Johnny Boy, for proving that we aren't so dumb after all!

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    A "vulcan" ... Hmm depends on what you are refering to.

    Anyway, I will try to run a list and I hope that you will find the "definition" that you are seeking.

    Vulcan may refer to:


    -Vulcan, the blacksmith god of fire and volcanoes in Roman mythology

    -Hephaestus, the Greek incarnation of the god


    -Vulcan (Star Trek), a race in the fictional Star Trek universe

    -Vulcan (Star Trek planet), home of the Vulcans

    -Vulcan!, a 1978 Star Trek novel by Kathleen Sky

    -Vulcan (DC Comics), a character from DC Comics

    -Vulcan (comic), Ipc Comic produced in England from 1975-1976

    -Vulcan (Marvel Comics), a character in the Marvel Comics universe

    -Black Vulcan, a fictional African American superhero on the animated series Super Friends

    -Vulcan, a fictional planet featured in the Doctor Who serial -The Power of the Daleks

    -Vulcan Raven, a character in Metal Gear Solid


    -Vulcan, Alberta, Canada

    -Vulcan Airport

    -Vulcan, Romania, in Hunedoara County in the Jiu Valley

    -Vulcan, Braşov, also in Romania in Braşov County

    -Vulcan, Michigan, United States

    -Vulcan, Missouri, United States

    -Vulcan (volcano), a volcano in Papua New Guinea

    -Vulcano, a small volcanic island in the Tyrrhenian Sea


    -Vulcanair, an Italian based manufacturer of light twin-engined aircraft that took over Partenavia

    -Vulcan (cars), a Southport, England based car manufacturer

    -Vulcan Corporation, a materials manufacturing company in Clarksville, Tennessee

    -Vulcan Foundry, a former British locomotive builder

    -Vulcan Iron Works, a former United States locomotive builder

    -Vulcan Materials Company, a construction materials company headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama

    -Vulcan Inc., an investment company formed by Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen

    -Stettiner Vulcan AG, a former shipyard in Hamburg, Germany

    -Vulcan (shipyard) (1857–1944), the shipyard in Szczecin, Poland

    -Vulcan Media, an educational software company from Poland

    -Vulcan Software, a British computer game company

    -Vulcan Stoves, a maker of commercial ranges, ovens, steam equipment, fryers griddles and broilers


    -Avro Vulcan, British delta-wing subsonic bomber aircraft

    -Vickers Vulcan, a single engined biplane of the 1920s

    -Ford Vulcan engine, a 3.0L V6 automobile engine

    -Kawasaki Vulcan, a cruiser-type motorcycle

    -Kawasaki Vulcan 400 Classic

    -Kawasaki Vulcan 800 Drifter

    -M167 Vulcan, a towed short-range air defense gun

    -M163 VADS (Vulcan Air Defense System), a self-propelled anti-aircraft gun

    -Vulcan (1874-1892), one of the ten South Devon Railway Buffalo class steam locomotives

    -Vulcan (1951-1967), one of the BR 'Britannia' Class locomotives

    -Vulcan Railcars are a type of railcar found in preservation in New Zealand.

    -HMS Vulcan, either one of two Royal Navy ships, or a Royal Navy shore establishment at Dounreay, Scotland, dedicated to the development of nuclear power


    -Vulcan (hypothetical planet), a hypothetical planet between

    -Mercury and the Sun, and Vulcanoid asteroids, hypothetical minor planets in the same place

    -Vulcanization, a chemical process to improve the strength and durability of rubber

    -Vulcan laser, the most intensely focused in the world, based at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in Chilton, Oxfordshire.


    -Vulcan processor, a type of central processing unit

    -VULCAN (operating system), an operating system for some 24-bit Datacraft/Harris Corporation minicomputers

    -Vulcan (programming language), a programming language, now known as dBase


    -The "Vulcans" are the nickname of California University of Pennsylvania's sports teams.

    -Vulcan statue, the largest cast iron statue in the world and the symbol of Birmingham, Alabama

    -Vulcan of the alchemists, the patron deity associated with Paracelsian alchemy

    -Birmingham Vulcans, a 1975 World Football League team

    -M61 Vulcan, a 20mm six-barreled gatling gun

    -Vulcan M-11-9, a semi-automatic, closed bolt pistol manufactured by Vulcan Armament

    -The Vulcans, an informal name of George W. Bush's foreign policy advisory team for the 2000 U.S. presidential election

    -The Vulcan, an occasional magazine from various organizations within the Young Fine Gael, the youth wing of the Irish Fine Gael political party

    -Vulcan, the title of an EP and a song by the rock band Snake River Conspiracy

    -Operation Vulcan, Allied action in Tunisia during World War II

    By the way, I am a christian but I believe "slightly" different. You can read about this "difference" in the website that I quoted below...

    P/S: Nice nick name though :) ( humble )

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    A messianic Jew is a Jew that believes that Jesus is the Messiah. Christians and Messianic Jews believe that Jesus is the Messiah. They are Jews. The point of view of the anti Messianice Jews is best summed up by Mark JPAS when he said "it is acceptable to blend some degree of foreign spiritual elements with Judaism. The one exception is Christianity, which is perceived to be incompatible with any form of Jewishness. This is the double standard that is applied to Christianity even though Jesus is considered the Jewish Messiah in Christianity. Messianic Jews are looked at with even greater disdain. Why? its a cover for there own deviations from Judaism. Some Jews need to maintain a connection to Jewish family because they have deviated so much from traditional Judaism that many Orthodox question their Jewishness. They need find some way to distract attention because of there deviation from the Torah. This is done by pointing their finger at others to direct attention away from their own actions. You can't give yourself a title and expect that it makes you something. This is the argument that has been used against Jews that decide that Jesus is the Messiah. We are told that the mere belief of a different nature of God immediately invalidated a Jews Jewishness. At the same time Jews that become atheists, pantheists or stop practicing any element of their religion we are told are still Jews. They say that you can believe in anything but Jesus. Jews call conversion "joining the tribe". Things that would never fly in Orthodox or for that matter Messianic Judaism can be found in the Reform and Reconstructionist movements. A good example of this is a previous question asked here. The person asking worshiped the God Ferris but did not believe in him or the Jewish God. The focus of the question was" ...would you PERSONALLY feel comfortable welcoming me not just as a fellow congregant at your Synagogue, but as a member of the Tribe?" (so he was clearly asking about converting to Judaism). The response was "Reform Judaism covers a wide swath of beliefs and practices and I am sure you will be wholly accepted. ... I personally would accept you whole heartily as a fellow Jew." So some Jews will accept all kinds of deviations from the Torah but not belief in "Jesus". Let's not forget the Reform movement wanted to change the sabbath to Sunday to be more like Christianity. Most Messianic Jews are Torah observant yet you can become an atheist, stop practicing their faith, become a Buddhist, join a Unitarian Church and still be a Jew in the eyes of Reform/Reconstructionist Jews. Most Orthodox when asked about other Jews will say they don't know what non Orthodox Jews are. The same applies to the other sects. Speaking of sects Jews will tell you there are no sects but its not true. Rabbinical Jews follow an understanding of their faith that was established 1,900 years ago. They have their own canon of Scripture. There are also non Rabbinical Jews such as the Ethiopian Jews that follows the pattern of the Christian Old Testament and they have many additional books that they consider to be scripture. A group called the Karaites is the opposite of the Ethiopian and only believe in the 5 Books of Moses. Rabbinical Jews call Karaites "a sect of Judaism". You can goggle it and see for yourself. Don't let anyone tell you that there are no sects in Judaism. They say the the teachings of Jesus are very different from Judaism. They also claim that Jesus taught nothing new from the rabbis before him. Then they we tell you that there were no rabbis until a hundred years after the time of Jesus. Its all about winning the argument to them not about what's true. The problem is not differences but similarities. You should know ALL the writers of the Christian Bible were Jews but one. Much of our Scriptures are shared. The vast majority of early believers in Jesus were Jews. So when you hear the exact opposite you need to keep that in mind. A Jew can believe in Jesus and still be a Jew. Edit: those that make personal accusations should include links or shut up.

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    star track lenord nymoor vulcan

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    You mean the Roman god or in the Greek Hepheastus the god of technology

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    The blacksmith god of fire and volcanoes in Roman mythology.

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    Some made up God of fire from Roman mythology.

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    It is the blacksmith god of fire and volcanoes in Roman mythology .

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    Isn't it the ship the Klingons used?

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    Perhaps you could... Google for Yourself.... or... Yahoo for Yourself.....!

    Thanks, RR

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    and knowing, is supposed to mean what in your world?

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