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2 choices: either translate into english, or type the russian text?

for god's sake, christ's sake, mohammad's sake, or if u are pagan; for sake of humanity... help me!!!

i'm going to post the links for my two videos, and please help me by one of the following: either type the russian words in english text, or simply type what is the guy saying in russian, USING RUSSIAN CHARACTERS..... ofcourse if u do the first choice, you'd be soooo helpful, but if u do the second,it's ok.. i'll be thankful.... and its easier for u.. just type what the guy is saying!!! and i'll translate it myself to english, because i have an english-russian translator ( BY TEXT ONLY OFCOURSE)

that's why i need your help, please ASAP


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    1. В комплексе "Корнет - ?" используется помехозащищенная лазерно-лучевая система управления. Высокий энергетический потенциал лазерного луча обеспечивает надежное прохождение сигналов управления во всех условиях стрельбы, затрудняющих видимость цели, и при воздействии оптических и радиоэлектронных помех.

    2. Высокая бронепробиваемость с динамической защитой достигается за счет использования тандемной кумулятивной боевой части. Лидирующий кумулятивный заряд инициирует взрывчатое вещество динамической защиты, освобождая участок брони, который затем пробивает кумулятивная струя основной боевой части.

    Notes: I was unable to get the model letter of that weapon system, so there is "Kornet - ?" so far, sorry about that.

    I seriously doubt your translator will be of big help in here. If you need, I can translate those passages into English, but, say, in a day. If this is what you need - please add to my nick and e-mail. Don't forget your e-address, Answers usually drop it.

    And just out of curiousity - dude, what do YOU have in common with this kaboom? ;)

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    I would love to help you...but the links are not working for some reason. I tried clicking on them but after it downloads it just tells me an "error" message. Sorry!

    By the way, those english-russian translators are not very accurate. I would suggest getting an actual Russian person to help you translate, like me! Except it can't be too long!

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    google does a decent job translating; but if you need something like your name - yahoo answers is the way to go. just tell us what you need translated and ppl will help you out :)

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