which is the best time for seeds to be planted for flowers to bloom in spring?

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    All three seasons (spring, summer and fall) are wildflower planting times, depending on your region, your weather, and the way you want to approach establishing your meadow. No matter when or where you plant, site preparation is roughly the same. But the first consideration is not the season; it's your climate. (zone map link below)

    Fall and spring planting can be equally successful with wildflowers, and each season has its devoted fans for several reasons.

    Many people like to say "Nature plants wildflowers in the fall." and that is basically true. All season long, flowers in the wild are blooming, then "going to seed", which means dropping their seeds to propagate their individual species. For example, a very successful species such as Black-eyed Susan blooms in mid-summer, and then drops a large number of seeds from each dying flower in late summer. If weather cooperates, these seeds may sprout before winter. If it is dry and hostile for the seeds, they will simply lay there through the winter and sprout in spring.

    It is best to plant fall flower bulb now so in spring you will have a rainbow of beautiful flowers.

    My grandmother had beautiful spring flowers and my favorite are Hyacinths. They are beautiful and they smell so good.

    You should go bulb shopping and don't forget the crucus bulbs...Always the first ones up and bloomings.

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  • 1 decade ago

    It depends on your region and what you're planting....do use the back of your seed packet for help or look at a zone map. If you don't have a super harsh winter, you can plant in early fall, otherwise sow inside 8-10 weeks before the last frost.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    In October

    Gives the seed time to gather strenght.

    You should have seen my garden this year.

    I twas like Garden of Eden

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