what is the cheapest way to get a dining room set from PA to FL....Amtrak....UPS???

I have a dining room set that I need to move, along with 2 bikes, to FL and that is about it. It is disassembled and packable, but I doubt I'd get any real interest from a professional moving Co. Plus, I paid a fortune to move to PA and had so much damage from movers I'd rather take chances elsewhere I think. The set has a glass insert in the top of the table which can be removed, but is probably safer where it is. Outside of Philly to Ft. Laud.

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    Actually, if you take the glass out and wrap it in news paper and padding similar to a comforter and tape the packing material to the glass top. Afterwards, build a small packing crate out of a pallet. Lay the Glass top in the bottom of the pallet that was covered in Cardboard; Then, place cardboard on top of the padded top, and lay boards from another pallet on and nail it tightly together. As for the other items, you will want to wrap in newspaper and shrink wrap them w/ packing plastic (this looks like a giant roll of Saran Wrap) wrap in packing paper (looks like newspaper) and shrinkwrap all of them. I would personally pack them into a pallet that has sides built on it.

    This is easily done by taking a couple of pallets apart to be able to have the material to build siding out of, then line the pallet (with sides built on) w/ cardboard. Begin packing the items into the crate that you have built w/ pallets and materials. NEVER pack glass w/ anything else, jus by itself!

    When you have everything packed up and make sure that nothing is going to move--pad, pad, and stuff more newspaper into the nooks and crannies--when complete, put cardboard on top and nail the top on.

    I would ship DHL due to the fact that UPS "bids" out to another shipper. Although, Pasha Group can be found online and they are one of the World's Largest Logistic Companies; they are probably one of the Most Expensive, too.

    Good Luck.

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    Can you rent a small U-Haul and do it yourself. The small ones are inexpensive, maybe $20.00 a day. Otherwise try a moving company and see if there is a truck going your way with only a partial load and can fit your stuff on as well.That's what my parents did once. Try a major company such as united van lines.

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    Rent a U-Haul wrap the whole set in bubble wrap then wrap it up in blankets put the set in the uhaul and drive it there yourself....It is cheaper then having someone do it for you and plus you can be assured that the set is protected and if it breaks you will be the only one to blame

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