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請英文達人幫幫忙 ”翻譯


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The color red is the color of fire and blood. Hebrew words for blood and red have the same origin: "dm" means red and "dom" means blood. Blood and fire have both positive and negative connotations. Bloodshed, aggression, war and hate on one side and love, warmth and compassion on the other side. Ancient Greeks associated the bright, luminous red with the male principle, red was also the color of the greek gods of war Phoebus and Ares.

Adam was created out of red clay. In the prehistoric cultures, however, red was associated with the female principle. Mother Earth provided the neolithic peoples with red ochre which was credited with life giving powers. The relation of the red color to the female principle in Japan survived up to the present day.

Christ in the Isenheim altarpiece wears a vermilion red robe. The red color entails a whole series of symbols: It is martyrs' red blood, it demonstrates power over life and death, but it also stands for faith, fullfilment and love. The red robe invokes a blazing flame striving towards heaven and towards the Divine.

Altars in catholic churches are decorated in red for the Feast of Pentecost to symbolize the Holy Ghost. Christ's head is surrounded by an yellow glowing corona: Christ defeats Darkness and leads the way to Light.

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    顏色紅色是火和血液的顏色。西伯來詞為血液和紅色有同樣起源: "dm" 意味紅色和"dom" 意味血液。血液和火有正面和消極內涵。血戰、侵略、戰爭和怨恨在一邊和愛, 溫暖和慈心在對方。希臘語同明亮, 光亮紅色聯繫在一起男性原則, 紅色並且是希臘戰爭之神的顏色Phoebus 和Ares 。

    亞當被創造了在紅色黏土外面。在史前文化, 然而, 紅色同女性原則聯繫在一起。大地提供新石器時代的人民以相信生活給力量的紅色色土。紅顏色的聯繫對女性原則在日本現在生存了。

    基督在Isenheim altarpiece 穿著一件vermilion 紅色長袍。紅顏色需要標誌整體系列: 這是受難者的紅色血液, 它展示力量在生與死, 但它並且代表信念、fullfilment 和愛。紅色長袍祈求燃燒的火焰努力往天堂和往神。

    法壇在天主教教會裡裝飾在紅色為Pentecost 宴餐象徵聖靈。基督的頭由一個黃色發光的光環圍攏: 基督擊敗黑暗和帶領方式點燃。

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