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很抱歉, 我們在漲價通知方面沒有做的很好, 讓你覺得很不愉快. 但是希望你能了解的是銅價 一些相關原物料幾乎每個月都在調漲, 而我們的產品有將近5000千種 有3百多位客戶. 而貴公司這項產品也將近1年的時間沒有購買, 所以我們在忙碌的同時 無法去兼顧到漲價通知這方面. 很抱歉無法一一去通知漲價. 我們只能盡全力提供最好的品質和最具競爭力的價格給貴司. 希望你能了解這個價錢是我們目前所能提供的價格了.

今後我們會注意漲價通知這方面的資訊. 如有國際原物料若有任何漲幅, 我們會提早通知.或是定期提供價格的通知.最後希望你能體諒和接受.

希望你收到樣品後, 能滿意我們所提供的替代方案.

**因為之前客戶一直無法接受價格..所以我才想了這些 希望他能接受..請高手幫幫忙..請勿用翻譯機. 感恩

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    Notice of price increment

    很抱歉, 我們在漲價通知方面沒有做的很好, 讓你覺得很不愉快.

    We are sorry and regretted that you are unsatisfied that we have not informed you of the price increment.

    但是希望你能了解的是銅價 一些相關原物料幾乎每個月都在調漲, 而我們的產品有將近5000千種 有3百多位客戶.

    However we hope that you could understand that copper and other related raw material prices are increasing almost every month. Beside we have more 5000 products and more 300 customers to handle and serve.

    而貴公司這項產品也將近1年的時間沒有購買, 所以我們在忙碌的同時 無法去兼顧到漲價通知這方面.

    As your company has not place order for this product for almost a year and due to our busy schedule we have accidentally left you out on the price increment notice list.

    很抱歉無法一一去通知漲價. 我們只能盡全力提供最好的品質和最具競爭力的價格給貴司. 希望你能了解這個價錢是我們目前所能提供的價格了.

    We will try our very best to provide value for money products for your company and hope that you could understand this is the best price for this product that we can offer you.

    今後我們會注意漲價通知這方面的資訊. 如有國際原物料若有任何漲幅, 我們會提早通知.或是定期提供價格的通知.最後希望你能體諒和接受.

    In the future we will keep you inform of any price changed and if there is any price increase in international raw material we will keep you inform in advance. On the other hand we could also update you with the latest product pricing on a regular basis. Lastly we would like to thank you for your kind understanding and could accept our apology.

    希望你收到樣品後, 能滿意我們所提供的替代方案.

    We hope that after you have received our sample, you will be satisfied with the replacement proposal that we have provided.

    **Make some minor changes for you so it will sound better**

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    I do apologize that we didn't do the notification of price raising well and make you feel disagreeably. However we hope you could understand that the prices of copper and other related raw materials are raising recent months. We have nearly 5000 kinds of product and more than 300 customers, and we didn't purchase this product nearly 1 year. Therefore during we're busy, it's difficult to give consideration to notify the price raising. I'm so sorry that we couldn't give the notification of price raising one by one. We will do our best to provide the best quality and most competitive price for you. We hope you could understand this price is what we can offer now.

    From now on, we will notice the information of price raising. If there's any raw material will raise the price, we will notify you as soon as possible or provide the notifiaction regularly. Finally, we hope you could understand dn accept our appologize.

    After you receive the sample, we hope you could satisfy with the alternative we offered.

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