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Why Does the U.S. Congress Pass Resolutions Condemning Other Countries?

Why does the U.S. Congress pass resolutions such as condemning Turkey for supposed genocide in Armenia, or condemning Japan for "forced prostitution" during WW11? Neither of those issues are really substantiated, there are very conflicting historical views about both those episodes. In any event, why now? Why not many years ago close to the time these events supposedly happened?

If the U.S. is really so concerned about past wrongs, why does it not pass resolutions condemning its own history of slavery, or the treatment of Native Americans, or the use of atomic bombs? Or issues that would be relevant today, such as human rights abuses in various countries that are going on right now? Is this some sort of double standard, or is it just an effort by various congressmen to win votes from ethnic groups in their constituencies?


Geoff C--Sorry pal, the notion that the atomic bomb 'saved lives' is nothing but propaganda in an effort to justify a horrendous war crime. Russia was brokering a deal to start peace talks and Japan was about to surrender. The US dropped the bombs to impress upon Russia its military power. They killed over 110,000 civilians, the worst single war crime in the history of the world.

I do not recall any resolutions condemning slavery or the treatment of Native Americans.

Update 2:

And you, Suckstop and Geoff, attempt to excuse the historical crimes and atrocities of America by condemning others. Condemnation of any other country is fine as long as you do it, but anyone who dares criticize or question the US for ANYTHING is accused of "being on an anti-American kick." Tell me, do you ever wonder why some Americans are so disliked all over the world? Did you ever even consider that you may not be right 100% of the time? No, I don't imagine you have.

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    Geoff... you're right about what Japan *was*. I live there now, and they're not anymore. And some would consider what Japan did in WWII worse than what the Nazi's did... Singapore, China... mostly islanders though... so it just didn't get the press.

    The real point is NO ONE can change the bloody past, and throwing ugly history into the faces of the decendants will cause nothing but *more* strife! NO it should not be forgotten... but the crimes of the fathers cannot be forced upon the children! ITS OVER.

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    Other western countries do the same thing. Germany passed a resolution for the same thing recently. It's just how things are.

    And you're right, Geoff, Japan was a vile culture. This guy is on the blame USA wagon.

    --"wonder why Americans are so disliked in the world" -- is your question? People like you absolutely LOVE celebrating the hatred towards Americans constantly. That in itself says so much about you and all those like you, but I doubt you get it.


    Native Americans

    Atomic bomb

    Obnoxious Americans

    Hatred towards Americans

    Is there anything in your vocabulary that isn't an overused grade school anti-American talking point?

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    They do this to distract people from the important issues of the day that they are not addressing, as you rightly point out. Instead of solving the issues of the War, immigration, health care etc, they make a lot of noise about passing such resolutions as if they were really doing something. Many of these pander to one group or other, but it is hard to imagine that the Armenian lobby in the US is that large to cause this to come up. As to dealing with our own history with resolutions, they have done a few, but mostly they are too busy re-writing our history into one fiction or other, so, by the time they are done, our dropping Atomic bombs turns out to be a signal benefit to mankind! We have "The Best Congress Money can Buy." and longing for them to be logical, make sense, or be responsive to the needs and wishes of the general population usually turns out to be an act of complete frustration.

    It is no wonder the US Congress has approval ratings even lower than those of George Bush, which is really doing something.

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    the use of the atomic bomb saved lives.

    They have passed resolutions condeming slavery and the native americans

    by the way read a book called the rape of naking and you will see the allegations against japan are true and those are the least of their transgressions during that war

    ADDITION: Do you remember a little island called iwo jima whre they fought to the death. No surrender. The lives lost invading the mail land would have been outragous on on all sides. To think you can say they were ready to surrender is stupid who is spinning now.

    by the way if you read the book I was talking about you would read about 1st hand accounts of how japan's soldiers raped tens of thoudands of women in that one city alone.

    They tied young boys up to post so they could practice bayonet drills.

    The officers lined up over 100 men from the village on each side of the road on their knees with their hands tied behind their backs and had a competition to see who could behead them the fastest then the winner took on another person.

    They slaughtered so many people in that village the dead bodies dammed up the river.

    Does this sound like people who surrender.

    Are you aware of the cival rights laws, have you seen the money given to the native americans. There have been actions taken to right what happened.

    civilians were dying at the hands of japans army. cilivians would have died anyway. over 100k were killed in that one city in china by japans army.

    by the way did you forget about germany and the 6 million jews when you said the single worst war crime?

    Have you heard of the Emancipation Proclamation or heard of hate crime laws where it is a more serious ofense to commit a crime against someone based on their race.

    Go spin you liberal I hate america crap somewhere else.

    Here are just some of the details of nanking

    The International Military Tribunal for the Far East stated that 20,000 (and perhaps up to 80,000) women were raped—their ages ranging from infants to the elderly (as old as 80). Rapes were often performed in public during the day, sometimes in front of spouses or family members. A large number of them were systematized in a process where soldiers would search door-to-door for young girls, with many women taken captive and gang raped. The women were then killed immediately after the rape, often by mutilation. According to some testimonies, other women were forced into military prostitution as comfort women. There are even stories of Japanese troops forcing families to commit acts of incest.[15] Sons were forced to rape their mothers, fathers were forced to rape daughters. One pregnant woman who was gang-raped by Japanese soldiers gave birth only a few hours later; the baby was perfectly healthy (Robert B. Edgerton, Warriors of the Rising Sun). Monks who had declared a life of celibacy were forced to rape women for the amusement of the Japanese.[15] Chinese men were forced to have sex with corpses. Any resistance would be met with summary executions. While the rape peaked immediately following the fall of the city, it continued for the duration of the Japanese occupation.

    Often times, Japanese soldiers cut off the breasts, disemboweled them, or in the case of pregnant women, cut open the uterus and removed the fetus. Witnesses recall Japanese soldiers throwing babies into the air and catching them with their bayonets.

    Immediately after the fall of the city, Japanese troops embarked on a determined search for former soldiers, in which thousands of young men were captured. Many were taken to the Yangtze River, where they were machine-gunned so their bodies would be carried down to Shanghai. Others were reportedly used for live bayonet practice. Decapitation was a popular method of killing, while more drastic practices included burning, nailing to trees, live burial, and hanging by the tongue[citation needed]. Some people were beaten to death. The Japanese also summarily executed many pedestrians on the streets, usually under the pretext that they might be soldiers disguised in civilian clothing

    I didnt justify slavery or what was done to the american indians, I stated that the States did Call it bad and did take actions about it. You claimed they didnt, I showed you they did.

    The Atomic bomb was justified as it ended the war many years earlier than it would have had it not been used saving a lot of lives. The bombing of civilian areas was proactices by all countries during WW2. It was common practice.

    You also made the statement that japan having forced prostitution was never documented. I showed you it was. The reports of it in the book I spoke of were made by american, french, russian and nazi german diplomats that observed it 1st hand.

    The reason I called you an american hater is becuase you posted statements about america that you knew not to be true.

    you said america had never made statements about slavery being bad. Unless you are very uneducated you have to know that statement is untrue. There is tons of famous legislation stating the same and laws and speaches.

    So what you have to decide is this. That you made a statement knowing it was false to make america look bad or you are very uneducated when it comes to american history and you should probably not post about it without learning a bit more.

    So which is it?

    By the way russia was too busy trying to get their hands on as much spoils of war as possible to be worried about brokering a deal with japan to end a war that in no way affected them.

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    Because it's easier to try to stir up emotional support than to do anything productive.

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    sorry but that 2 long for me...cant help here.

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