Does anyone know about how to get grants or about grant writing/writers?

I am a 34 y/o single mother mother of 3. I'm looking forward to entering the BSN program in January which is a 3 yr program. I'm the sole provider for my family and i only work 20hr/wk so that my children and i can have medical coverage. I'm currently renting an apartment and barely making ends meet. i was told to look into getting grants that they are out there but i don't know who or how to go about this. any advise,where do i start this really doesn't seem like an easy process. Can anyone help me in the right direction? Ths is serious.

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    I found a website, which has a Grant Writing Course that is reasonalbe, and once you finish the course you are given an opportunity to take the Grant Writing Course Exam. Given the scenario just stated, if you were to pass the exam, you're given a "Certification," which is how you become registered and known as "A Professional Grant Writer."

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    There is something that I got all through school it is a FAFSA it is a government pell grant and they base it on house hold size and income. From what you have described they should pay a huge amount of your college expenses. Good luck!. Another suggestion would be to talk to the school financial aid office. They may know of different things within your state that might offer single parents a discount or something.

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