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low milk supply help?

i stoped pumping for 3 days because i wasnt feeling good and my boobs ware sore and bleeding anyways my milk supply went down majorly.can i get it back??how long will it take if i can get it back??dose dehydration effect your supply??i would talk to my doctor but i dont think she likes me

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    It's not too late!

    As long as your baby is at a healthy weight, I would totally recommend a "bed in". Stay in bed, with your baby for 24 hours straight. This will allow you to rest, which will help you get your supply up. Nurse the baby on demand. Nurse constantly, as often as possible! Then, pump after your baby nurses. This will help so much.

    If you cannot do a "bed in", I would recommend nursing as much as possible and then pumping afterwards. If you are not nursing (pumping only), I would pump every 2 hours no matter what. Drink plenty of fluids, but there is no need to go overboard (drinking more than what you need can actually prohibit adequate milk production). I would also call my dr and ask her to proscribe Reglan. This will help boost your milk supply. I have used it twice. Once, when I became pregnant with my twins and my son was only 2 months old (the Reglan kept my supply up). The other time was when my girls were in the hospital due to slow weight gain. I was nursing and pumping. What I was able to pump nearly doubled about 2 days after starting Reglan. You can also buy a tincture from the Motherlove Herbal Company called "More Milk". It is notorious for working. You can buy it at most healthfood stores are at Whole Foods or Central Market (or any "upscale" grocery store).

    I hope this helps. It has only been a few days so your supply is still within reach. Good Luck!

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    Dehydration is a huge problem when it comes to your milk supply. Most women learn early on to drink a big glass of water everytime they nurse, because it drains the fluid out of your body. If you don't have it in you, your body cant make the milk. As far as your doctor not liking you, I'm sure that is not the case, but if you really feel that way, then contact another doctor or the hospital where you delivered and speak to a lactation consultant. If the hospital does not have a lactation consutant, I'm sure an RN on the maternity floor would be happy to speak with you and give you more tips.

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    You absolutely can bring your supply back up! You need to drink lots of water, LOTS! I cannot stress that enough, if you don't have water, how can you produce liquid (milk)? Also eat a lot... making milk takes a lot of calories. The more you nurse or pump the more milk you will make. I found that ibuprofen and acetaminophen combines helped me, as well as Lansinoh on the nipples.

    If you can, contact a lactation consultant to help you out. Good luck, don't give up you will get passed this rough patch and can enjoy breastfeeding :)

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    Yes dehydration definitely affects the milk supply. Try drinking milo or complan or any type of milk supplement and RELAX that is another reason for the milk supply to slow down.

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    YES IT DOES DRINK SOME WATER . MAKE THAT MILK GIRL!!! lol hope you feel better and get a new DOCTOR a good dr cares about their patients

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    start pumping away and drink lots of water. thats the only way to know for sure. and do not supplement with formula

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