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I am doing this thing for School and I was wondering if you could tell me a good costume for the character?

A famous actress down on her luck in later years, is being interviewed by a brash young casting director for a day’s shooting in a film. He has never heard of her and she is she back bitterly.

What have I done? You’re joking aren’t you Mr. Webb? Didn’t your daddy ever tell you about Pricilla Fenton? What was he a deep sea diver? Let’s see… what have I done? I did Nora opposite Raymond Massey in Doll’s House. On Broadway- there wasn’t any off Broadway in my day. Just On Broadway and Out in Hollywood. Nothing in between except for one big county fair. What else have I done? Let’s see… I played Ophelia to Barrymore’s Hamlet. Which Barrymore? Well it wasn’t Ethel. Ethel? The sister of John and Lionel. Sorry I couldn’t bring any playbills but they’ve become collector’s items and they are in frames. I did Hell’s Kitchen opposite Jimmy Cagney when he was very young and packed with explosive energy. I worked with Clark Gable who was pussy cat. Then there was Bill Powell a hell of an actor


and a dream of a man. Who’s Bill Powell? William Powell. Never heard of him either? Well, I am in good company. (Pause) Madames? Yes… I’ve played madams…of whorehouses you mean…yes…I was in Mademoiselle Fifi opposite George Arliss. George Arliss? Oh, he was a character actor who did leads. Mademoiselle Fifi was a man. Never heard of him or Fifi. No, I am not angry it’s a compliment in a way. I’ve got the part. Good. By the way, I don’t appear in the nude or anything like that? Oh…well these days one never knows. One more thing…did you say Tuesday and Wednesday or Tuesday or Wednesday? Just Wednesday. Thank you. Yes. I’m free.

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    Go Bold ad brassy

    you character has a screaming personality and she is offended with a capitol O and want every one to know she's the best. Dress towards that goal. Wear something people will look at and think "she's a star" Not too sparkley but a few wouldn't hurt. I think a short black dress with a feathery red scarf would be AMAZING!

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    I would expect loud make-up. Not overdone, but she is in her "later years" and is obviously still able to carry such mood swings, portraying a vibrant personality. So, loud make-up, with lipstick and blush and all. I have black heels in mind, a silk (ruffly?) dress shirt, slacks. She's dressed for an interview but the make-up shows off her attitude.

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    Your character sounds to be old, seeing as she keeps referring to the past and old day charaters she was in with(not to mention memorablia that is collectors items now)

    make your stage make-up to show signs of aging (about age 50-55) that way she is old enough to play the scene correctly.

    as for the costume... get a black over sweater and a dress to go underneath....back then type of ppl are more modest(and her lines suggest she still is)

    go here for an example...

    (just imagine the sweater black instead)....this is the best quick example i could find


    Source(s): 15+ yrs of acting.
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